Batemans Do a Brewdog

My apologies Phil, do forgive me :cry:

Of course you’re forgiven, you’re not the one playing the hastily counterfeited ‘victim’ card trying to get acritical fanbois to come to your support!

Maybe they should just change the name to Bellow Yelly, that’d give them something to shout about :smile::loud_sound:


Gutted that someone else has put that on Twitter but they never put in the tagline, so at least I am slightly original.

Both brewers ought to concentrate making beer that’s any good?


Anyone remember when Piper Heidsieck tried to sue Old Dairy over the Blue Top trade mark? Fortunately the UK ICO threw it out.

Is that categorically and irrefutably the case? I’ve certainly seen it quoted many times. Often, though, by “professionals” (not all are lawyers) who have a vested interest in flogging their services to do just that.

Sure, I can see that failing to take action if you become aware of a (potential) breach might weaken any action you bring at a later stage. But proving that someone had become aware of a breach could be tricky in many cases. And employing omniscience to ferret out each & every potential breach could be beyond the capabilities of small business owners! Although there are, no doubt, plenty of agencies who’d charge a pretty penny for carrying out the massive surveillance job.

As ever, only the courts can determine these matters authoritatively and very few cases actually get to court. As with most areas of the law (perhaps even more so for IP) “might is right” tends to win the day. Big & rich companies might even use infringement of IP rights as a deliberate tactic to appropriate trademarks, or whatever. Smaller businesses can easily be bankrupted by David & Goliath legal battles. Goliath almost always wins in the real world.

There’s a whole industry that’s sprung up around IP protection services. Partly, no doubt, operated by genuine experts. But I’d be very surprised if there’s not a sizeable element made up of chancers employing a bunch of lackeys armed with little more than an internet connection, the ability to use Google search, a set of desk instructions and a bunch of semi-standard letters.

Provably there’s a whole load of them. The most recent was in the field of copyright, , but in the field I’m more familiar with, tech patents, they are so common they’re not news.