Bath o hoi (and London) 6 to 9 December

Going to Bath 8 december
What county is it?
Good beer places?

Anyone want some Norwegian beer?

Off course also a couple of days in London

Good beer tips for the tour? (so I can put my wife at a spa and a shopping mall for a looooooong time)

If you time it right, you can hit the Pig’s Ear fest in London. RateBeer event page It’s the 4th through the 8th. Tons of beers here from lots of counties…

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When in Bath check out Brewed Boy. A chain of three bottle shops/taps who now have their own brewery (Imaginary Friends). However no-one’s rated any of the shops (original one in Frome and a new one, which is where the brewery is located, in Sherbourne) so it would be a real service to Ratebeer:)

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Bath is in Somerset for your beer search. The traditional pubs are well covered on here, my preference is The Raven.


I’m in Bath today so will endeavour to rectify this by visiting and rating it today.

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Brewed Boy Bath now has a rating and it’s well worth seeking out.

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I agree about the Raven. And they do a nice pie and mash.

Good to see a good rating for the place!

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