Bavaria Next Month

Will visit Bavaria next month. This is like my third time there, but would like to get some suggestions on specific stuff.

  1. Annafest - from what I read everything is in Mass, except weizen. Are there any Kellers serving 500mls of non-weizen beers? I am traveling with wife and infant kid, so drinking a bunch of 1L beers doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  2. Does Fussen really really have no good beer spots? I was a bit surprised to not find any Places there.

  3. Simply due to the nature of our traveling, I will probably be drinking a lot of bottles at our accommodation at night. In general, are most bottles sold in breweries very fresh (like less than a week old)?

  4. Any Kellers in Munich offering men less than a Mass to drink?

  5. Any winery recommendations along the Romantic Road?


I have never been to Annafest, but I just checked their pictures from previous years and I couldn’t spot a single Seidla.

According to @jonas, if you are there in the very early morning, you will be able to get Seidlas.

Never heard of any, but I wouldn’t know. Since it’s Bavaria, you’ll probably find decent beer in every random restaurant.

You won’t get them any fresher, but I don’t think small breweries bottle that often. Especially seasonals last months and they are only brewed once a year :wink:

Every place in Munich serves Halbe, unless during Oktoberfest and Starkbierfest.

I have to pass on this, unfortunately.

I used to be in the area a lot as I was younger but there is not really that much on offer. These two shops are newer and not on the map, you can definitely get some interesting bottles for drinking at home: - city centre Füssen - close to the Autobahn near Kempten, 25min from Füssen

And I can highly recommend this brewery near Füssen:

I’ve been to the Annafest a few times. You can get half pours if you ask. It will still be in the Masskrug.

Also, ask to go in to some of the beer kellers/tunnels. They’re kinda neat. I’d suggest getting there early, when the fest opens. It won’t be busy yet, and the keller employees will be more willing to show you the tunnels.

Since you’ll be with the family, be aware that some of the paths can get pretty bottlenecked later on, especially where the bands play. Have fun!

Oh! I forgot. The Kulmbacher Bierwoche overlaps with the Annafest. It’s a fun little fest. I’d suggest you visit it as well.

The Kulmbacher brewery has four beers available in the single tent.

Thank you everyone for their help and I am glad to hear I can get halves at Annafest and the tunnels are a great idea.

We leave Saturday next week, so I am looking forward to things.


Just for a quick update

Fussen - it has a good beer store . Actually there are two of the same beer stores. One is run by a guy who really knows about beer. The other, place is run by people who don’t know much. I need to put this into RB. Definitely worth hitting up, but selection is a bit sporadic and could be a bit more refined.

Visiting breweries to pick up bottles - I had great hopes of this, but basically hit like two of the first three places and they were closed for summer holidays for like a month. THis is something I wasn’t expecting, but people should be aware of. Ultimately my wife was less interested to chance by breweries and pick up bottles due to being a waste of time.

Annafest - If they are only selling Mass Krugs (1L), then they will happily sell you just 500ml. That said, there seemed to be numerous kellers selling 500ml glasses. In any case, getting 500ml pours is not an issue.


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