Bear Republic closing its pub and other Sonoma County closures

Getting a paywall.

Yup, but enough to scrape the info. So, the takeout, useful for Cali admins as some retiring will have to be done in some days

So what we have is:
-Bear Republic closes the Rohnert Park brewpub December 11th - possible reopening in Spring

-Third Street Aleworks closes their brewpub EOY, continues as a micro (already made a tiny edit to the brewery entry).

-No Quarter Brewing in Windsor closed - closed in 2020 (opened in 2019, no trace of it on RB)

-Steele and Hops in Santa Rosa closed - closed in 2020 I think, in any case, retired on here already,

-Grav South in Cotati closed - closed November 13th. Retired the place and the brewery entry.

-Crooked Goat has a Petaluma location (added)

Not mentioned:
Just noticed that Beercraft - a highly rated store in Rohnert Park has closed November 2020, closed the place entry.

The new norm :slight_smile:

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Not where I’m at. :smiley: