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Beer 52 Cyber Fest 2

Beer 52 Cyber Fest is back & the breweries look decent but no specifics on the actual beers yet.
Cyber Fest 1 (Friday Box) was good with 10 or 11 new ones for me.
It was a shabby affair with awful audio & painfully weary comedians but the chat box made up for that - worth paying the money just to read the 1000’s of hilarious comments.

Taking place on Friday 5th June 2020 and Saturday 6th June 2020 , between 6-10pm, ticket holders for each session will receive a case of 12 super fresh craft beers in advance. These can then be sampled alongside the live-streamed beer festival hosted, once again, by Rich and Doug.


Pohjala Estonia
Lost & Grounded England
La Trappe Trappist Netherlands
NZBC X Fierce New Zealand X Scotland
Stone & Wood Australia
Pomona Island England
Bevog Brauhaus Austria
De Molen Netherlands
Dogma Serbia
Stu Mostow Poland
DouGall’s Spain
Horizont Hungary

+ 12 more to be announced!

I have ordered the double pack for this one. We too thought the presentation and general ‘show’ was crap; we switched it all off after half an hour, will not be playing this time at all, just drinking the beers when I fancy them.


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Have you received your boxes yet?
They said they were posting last week but I’ve heard nothing.
Starting to get a bit twitchy as a few folk said they didn’t receive their boxes in time for CyberFest 1

Nothing yet, but have no intention of actually joining the on-line ‘Cyber Fest’ tasting and stuff they are supposedly putting on.

My beers can turn up whenever, I shall drink them at my leisure over the coming months.


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My 24 beers arrived today: 21 will be new rates and I actually like the 3 I’ve had before, so no problems there.


Yes, I just got mine & I’ve only had 5 before.
Looks quite a decent box.
Looking forward to them.

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I thought the beers on Friday were fine, didn’t have the full 12 but I enjoyed all those I did drink. Not going to drink so much today, but looking forward to supping the remainder over the next few days/weeks. New brewery rates too!


Shared the first box with my son last night. 8 new beers & they were mostly decent stuff with Põhjala Winter Bänger standing out.
The show itself was quite good & the comedians were actually funny!
Overall an enjoyable evening.
We’ll share the second box over the coming weeks.

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I’d had the Lost and Grounded Keller Pils and the Taras Boulba before and tried 7 more (plus one from Saturdays selection). We switched off the ‘show’ after 15 minutes!


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