Beer Advent Calendar 2019

Thanks for that @beardedavenger, but do I want to know what’s coming from a present? I will have to think about it.


Dammit I’m in Florida now! Let me see if I can find one here and/or order one thru my mother-in-law Costco acct.

I was only joking, let me know if your in Orlando area at any point and feel like grabbing a brew. I’m busy this weekend but around next week

I’m going to be around 13-18 Oct, no family. The Vero Beach for 5 days.

Sent you a beer mail about calendar.

I ordered my calendar today, missed out on Hoptimism and the very expensive Imperial Beer Club one, but ended up with Ghost Whale, which should be good.

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I ordered the Beer Gonzo advents calendar. I’m a regular buyer at their shop because they have a good (small) selection of UK beer mostly unavailable on the mainland.
Sadly I couldnt find the contents of their 2018 advents calendar so its a bit of a risk I’m taking but the breweries they named sound good.
(If anyone knows what they put in the box last year I’m still interested. EDIT: NVM, I found the list of 2018)

I have been nibbling at my Beerhawk Advent Calendar and came to Bad Company’s Shwing can. I expected any brewer calling himself Bad to have a sense of irony but not this one. Anyone else had it and liked it.

First day of my 2019 Advent Calendar from Ghost Whale and it’s a strong start.


Day 2 and another nice one from Ghost Whale.


after some hassles on the Kalea website they finally allowed UK shipping so I got a German mix of 24 most of which I’ve not had before. win.

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@harrisoni, I have that (I think) waiting for me in California. My daughter and son-in-law have got me the Costco one, which should be the same as your’s.


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Hmm. May have to order one from them, the French one looked interesting.

Update: is it actually the Group On box you ordered?

Day 3 from Ghost Whale, I haven’t had a Wiper and True beer in a while.


Day 4 of the Ghost Whale advent calendar. I think it’s my favourite one so far.


Day 5 of the advent calendar.

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From my German Kalea advent calendar.
And I liked it as a simple clean pilsner

And another one to add to my Bavarian rates
Which was fine.

And now
which was a bit soap perfume citrus pale ale. And it’s Austrian, not German. Brewed for Kalea

Correct group on. I got a 10% with a promo code. so came in at £58.49. delivered in a day or two to my local post office.

@BlackHaddock It’s a good one this year I thought. Mostly 33cl bottles and a mix of traditional styles and new craft beer. Plenty of new beers for me.

Day 6 on the Ghost Whale calendar from Gamma.

And day 7s beer.