Beer Advocate Purchased by Untappd's Ownership Group

"Despite its explosion in popularity, craft beer is still a relatively small and tight-knit community. A generation ago, when the number of breweries was a fraction of what it is today (literally about a fifth), the community was even smaller and more tight-knit. But even in those days, obsessive drinkers often fell into one of two camps: Beer Advocate users and RateBeer users. These two sites were the most popular places for rating beer, and though you might search both for info, the people I met typically only used one or the other for entering reviews.

But in the past decade, just as the innovation of craft beer upended big beer, another innovation upended the beer rating world: apps. Founded in 2010, Untappd—a new player on the beer rating scene—focused all of its energy into its app, making checking-in beers easier than ever for a new generation of craft beer enthusiasts who weren’t as interested in the older, primarily web-based sites. By 2012, the Untappd app passed the 10 million check-in mark, a milestone on its path to becoming the new leader in beer rating, set to hit 1 billion check-ins this year. Now, that success is shaking up beer rating once again: Next Glass, Untappd’s ownership group, has announced it’s acquiring Beer Advocate."


I wonder why UT did that… seems redundant.

How very interesting. Wonder whats to be gained

though another nail in RB coffin if brewer/Beer db is shared and synced with BA

Yes, that would make it very easy for RB ppl to switch over all of their ratings. It looks like according to the message from UT, they will be kept as separate platforms.

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In my opinion those two are complementary. Untappd has the ratings and beer data and BA has the community. If done right could be a great match.


unless the new owners do a purge of the reasons for previously banned accounts, it’ll turn into a shitshow.

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Well that was unexpected.
They’re keeping both separate which I think is a good thing. BA will put more focus into mobile. Both will presumably do more festivals. Untappd’s holding company has another property to advertise on and generate income from. I suppose this is a win-win for everyone involved as nothing changes for normal users of either site.

On BA’s community though, is it actually good? Better than what we have here at RB? I’ve not used it because it’s always seemed so US focused to me, and I was aware many people complain about “The Bros” and their petty and insecure fragile egos. It never felt like an inviting place, unlike RB which felt a lot more accepting. Generalising… but the community seems very full of itself. I know plenty here on RB dislike Untappd too, that’s fine, but the level of elitism and snobbiness over there is really something else.

Reddit user /u/Do_The_Damn_Thing picked some choice quotes from their forum about this:

The wider beer community on the Internet seems to have very little (if any) respect for BA these days. Check out this reddit thread too. Just look at all the comments. Almost all are about their disdain for The Bros. I didn’t realise it was such a common issue.

So yeah… it really doesn’t sound like a community I’d want to be a part of.

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I never got banned from BA … but know a few folks who did, but I did get a time out / suspension for a week for some minor trivial reason… can’t even recall what but likely disagreeing with one of the Alstrop muppets so after that I never logged back in (2011/12 time).

It’s good. Some topics are better covered than others but generally it has lots of useful information. Discussion seems very civilized. Also lots of US brewers use it as channel of communication. Haven’t used BA that much, but RB seems better for meeting beer people. Certainly one of the best RB features, was lucky enough to meet some great people through RB.


Amen Brother.
I think this is why those of us still here are still here.

For many of us RB was a community its not why we joined but its what we became part of.


BA carries some weight. We know the famous BA person. I won’t say his name but his initials are MJ. The same as the famous musician.

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I’ve been on BA since September 2002. I have no plans to leave because I truly enjoy the site. Lots of yacking and I dig that. Shrugs.


I lurk BA forums just for South atlantic since we don’t have one and at least they post new breweries opening and festivals and stuff. I’d have no idea otherwise


So InBev buys RateBeer and UnTappd buys Beer Advocate. Wish that was the other way around, but oh well.


Really surprising, not sure what they are gaining beside the forum/community. “Keeping sites separate” is probably limited time thing… anyone who has lived through one company buying another knows that.


When I mentioned RB community MJ came to my mind. What @cgarvieuk did with Good King Henry, what Travlr is doing with his neverending beer pilgrimage* or all of us creating extensive and reliable beer database - there is some of MJ’s spirit and legacy here.

Too bad whole thing is going south.

*probably many more examples here which I’m not aware of


ChrisO having Put up in his house an uncountable number of ratebeerians


Here’s BA’s take on this.

I had to log on twice to post this. :tired_face:


I’m just wondering about all the people who left RB when it was bought and went over to BA. Where are they gonna go now? :grinning:

I will asume the number of users that went to UT was much bigger than the ones that went to BA.