Beer Advocate Purchased by Untappd's Ownership Group

They left it because it was bought by the #1 enemy of craft beer, not because it was just, like, “bought.” Untappd, unlike ABInBev, is an awesome force for craft beer, it would be foolish to be upset by that purchase.


Ya i feel like BA will eventually just become a button on untappd’s actual website, which basically matches the button we have called “forums.” Ratings, sooner or later, will be brought together. The head honchos at Untappd have to see the value of becoming the new premium location to tell which beer is better than which. The BA awards and ratings gives them credibility maybe where 6 million bros rating coors light a 5/5 hasn’t.

It definitely is. Most people here, me included, complain about its lack of reliability for stats and for telling which beer is actually good in a given place, a given style. But it has definitely helped blow open the world of craft beer. Though it has contributed to the takeover of tick culture, but we’re mostly just as guilty of that. Just made our bad habit mainstream.

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Funnily enough, Next Glass was always hiding its investors, and it sure got plenty of capital. Might as well be ABI, or someone on a similar level. Might as well not be anyone “dangerous”.


I’ve done extensive research trying to find this info and investors are kept under lock and key. So who knows, but since it’s not ABinBev it’s okay.

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Yeah. Private Equity was what caused the Banking Crisis, Fast buck and all, SO Not knowing just means we dont know if they are any better or worse than in bev, but id rather it was us bougth by Untappd.

I think theres gains for BA to be made there where as not sure AB brought us anything other then money

At least buying RB did not give them anything either.

Like headaches?


The only real upsides to BA are:

  1. Their name carries some weight, whether it’s on aging extreme beer festivals BA is involved with or with awards that appear more prestigious than anything Untappd could try to do. That’s largely due to BA’s age more than anything, but still.
  2. BA’s forums have remained active, even when their beer reviews got progressively worse over the years. Even before the move to the new forums here at RB, it was like pulling teeth to get people active on the local forums. The mid-atlantic forum, at least circa 2017/18, would have threads about new beer releases, new breweries, etc that all were very active.

Their database is useless compared to the size of Untappd’s database. I wouldn’t be shocked after a grace period that they come up with a tool to migrate whatever reviews exist to Untappd and then retire the DB entirely.

Forums yes but US only which is why I didn’t hang around BA too long … its just a US centric site which is fine but at least here at RB land we have lots of other folks joining in.

There’s been as many posts (approx. 27/28) in the past calendar year on the BA UK/Ireland forum as there has been so far in 2020 here on RB and half the ones on BA are the same two questions … where do you get Cantillon in London, where’s best for real ale in London … generic repeats.

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see if i was untappd id totally share the untappd db. not the ratings but brewery / beer info. then anyone wanting to rate rather than tick BA is the place to go as it’s got the full upto date database. i joined RB over BA as RB knew almost all the uk/Europe beers i looked up BA knew about half. sadly that’s where RB (and i suspect BA) is compared to UT. so getting the UT info base adds massive value to BA making it the goto place for anyone wanting more tgan simple ticking

Perhaps some of them have moved on to other platforms not named untappd, BA or RB…


Lol! Like TBS?(the beer spot?)

brewver in particular. not perfect, but it’s improving in leaps and bounds…lots of good folks over there as well.


Since Untappd is more US-centric (or at least was in past years), that kind of synergy with Beer Advocate is a plus.

I started on BA, but I was in Germany at the time, and it was way too US based and Englush only. Luckily I ran into an RBer at the Getrankmarkt and he set me straight

Look up a beer that you would reckon that would not be listed on any of the beer sites. More than likely, it’s on Untappd. And not just American beers. Shrugs.

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Look up a beer that does not exist, more than likely, it’s on Untappd. Goes both ways.

Very few countries where RB is en par or better when it comes to coverage though. And yes, such exist.


The database accuracy thing is such a pedestal argument at this point. None of the databases are accurate, and even if they were, who cares? We’re living in a beer world where a brewer swaps out one hop in a bill of five and calls it a new beer. Where a bad batch comes out 1% ABV lower and they release it and call it a new beer. Where you take a beer and put it alternately in a red wine barrel, bourbon barrel, jack daniels barrel, rum barrel, tequila barrel, and anything else you can get your hands on, leave it in there for 15 days and call it 10 new beers.

And the people who soapbox for accuracy are rating 10+ beers a day. Hundreds or thousands a month. Thimble pours, mistaken pours, rating after eating a ghost pepper, rating your 30th imperial stout of the day, entering ratings from scrawled notes on the back of a coaster you found under the passenger seat—what value is accuracy when the ratings are worthless?


I hope none of the folks avoiding RB because of the ABI ownership are rating any ABI beers on BA/untapped but somehow I doubt it. I think it’s more important to support independent beer (especially these days) than to support independent app developers.

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