Beer and Cheese

In general do you think beer and cheese or wine and cheese pair better? Or does it depend on the cheese?

I think you can have cheese with anything, in fact only a couple of hours ago I had some Brie & Gruyere separately on rye bread with a cup of tea with sliced chorizo on the side. How joiners roll when they are sick of making sandwiches!
But in answer to your question, I’ve not drunk wine for many years so a (not over powering flavoured) beer works in the evening

Sharp cheese with Calvados or ice wine/cider.
Stinky cheese with a lambic or wild cider.
Nachos with a clean lager, super cold & dry Riesling, or a boozy Slurpie.
Sneaking chunks of hatch cheddar with an old leftover Octoberfest before serving a boring Thanksgiving bird.

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The right wine can improve eating cheese but it’s rarely good for the wine. The right beer and cheese combination can make both better.


Old Gouda with Celery Salt and Mild Mustard go fantastically well with Belgian Doubles.

Other cheeses and beers are available and they also pair well.



Always go with Belgian strong ale where possible :slight_smile:

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Good memories of beer and cheese there for me as well. I picked up a Jenlain washed cheese at Trader Joe’s this week so that might be something to look for in the states.

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That’s true but when drinking with wine or beer which do you prefer?

Cider and Perry and cheese is a winning combo.

I’ve been on a couple of online tutored Cider/Cheese tastings this year hosted by the Courtyard Dairy (focus on nano production British farmhouse cheeses) and Tom Oliver of

Oliver’s Cider (


This upcoming cider & cheese tasting from Bignose & Beardy looks good:
Cider and Cheese Tasting Hamper and Event – Bignose & Beardy


Yeah I enjoy cider too, would love some of that!

Looks good … unfortunately have plans that night and I realise you can just buy the hamper without the interactive tasting but I do enjoy those.

Any idea if this is a regular thing with Bignose?

Think they’ve done an on-line tasting with cheese before, also they have done cider taste-alongs, as one-offs, so worth keeping an eye on there facebook page for new online events: Redirecting...

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Best combination :slight_smile:

Met Tom Oliver a couple times over the years. Never too busy to respond to an instagram inquiry about distribution or apple selection.


yes … seems a very amiable fella … we had a chat on the last online tasting (probably boring most of the cheese munchers) about his move into canning!

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Today had aged manchego and a yellow English farmer cheese with a red ale and it was terrific experience.

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Chimay cheeses with Chimay beers is the ultimate combination. Blue Stilton with a fine barleywine is also great.


I love the combination of Rochefort 10 and Roquefort. Roquefort and other blue cheese pairs perfectly with dark and heavy beers (RIS, Barley Wine, Doppelbock, Quad etc.). Some people like the pairing with Imperial IPA’s (not the hazy ones) - not quite my personal favourite.


Cost is £39.95, can get 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter, + £10 for the added postage cost

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