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Beer and Sustainability-- Quick Survey



Trying to get some info on marketing a beer, especially to see if sustainability of major importance. It’s a very basic survey, very quick. Thank you in advance!


Sustainability is a nice concept, but production of great tasting beer rather than watery swill is much more important.


What’s sustainability in a corporate environment and specifically in the brewing industry?
What’s the meaning of “zero water waste”? for me “zero” means that every ml of water that gets into the brewery is transformed in beer (minus the evaporated part). And I doubt that’s possible.
Curiously when I Google the term, the first hit is from Carlsberg.
It turns out indeed that “zero waste” is a personalized concept.
Instead the target is “reduce water usage to 50% by 2030”.

How does the brewery achieve “zero carbon footprint”? I guess buy reducing energy consumption and buying carbon credits, not by growing trees on the roof…
Another link from Carslberg. Interesting but doesn’t completely answer.
Specifically I’d like to know what portion of the goal is achieved by reducing energy consumption and what portion is achieved by buying credits.

  • I’d appreciate using correct terminology (“reduction goals”) rather than twisting the meaning of a mathematical concept (“zero”)
  • I appreciate the sustainability efforts done by breweries
  • I’ll still make buy buying decision based on beer quality, rather than buying bad sustainable beer

:+1: interesting thread