Beer/Brewery/Bar Search from the forums is dead again

Can’t search for anything from there. Win10, latest Firefox.

This has never worked for me.

OS? Browser? Joe & others might need that.

Doesn’t work for me either from Chrome.

Search took me right back to this thread. Boo.

iPhone/Safari at home, IE and Chrome at work. Doesn’t work on any.

Doesn’t work for me. Running Safari (iOS 12 on an iPhone).

Same here. Win10 / Google Chrome

For the past 3 days. Should there still come a day in 2018 where it works for more than a few hours, I’m entering my backlog up to 5000, downloading it & I’m off.

Jesus christ who writes this copy. Reading that was totally unbearable.

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That fucking error is happening to me also with some user´s profile:

It’s working for me now.

I just treat forums as a separate website. Not that much trouble to shift from page to page.

same here

Same here.

Bug is back. On Chrome and on Android

Doesn’t work on iOS 12 on an iPhone either. Running Safari.