Beer calendars

I know I’m stealing this from UK forum but anybody in wider world have a beer advent calendar? Got one at Costco in dc area. Impressed they have 24 beers I haven’t rated from Germany. Only trouble is they are nearly all pils or helles :sob:. Maybe I’ll spruce up some new regions at least.

Anybody else get one?

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Day one: Christmas is Hell!


I had it a few years ago and the beers were uniformly pretty bad. I saw TapRM is dong 12 pack advent calendars, but do not think I will do this.

Looks like @bhensonb @JoeMcPhee @theisti and @Drake all have the same calendar by the looks of it. Also looks like it’s in the same order for everybody, though one of the above appears to have cheated and opened his on Nov. 3. Tsk tsk!!

The “calendar” is produced by a bunch of German entrepreneurs - props to them - and I am not aware of any other. CostCo seems to have gotten the US “share”, but I think it’s available overseas as well in non-English boxes.

It was a fun mix, and yes I cheated. Fresh beer is best, right?

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Locally, KC Bier also did an advent Calendar. 12 different beers x 2.

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Never belonged to Costco to grab. I heard locally Aldi supermarket has one as well. Never been to that grocer but May check to see if I can pick one up

The same guys who own this “Beer tasting app” that I’ve never heard of? It’s on the box and the first can, probably more of them.


The Kalea calanders were available in the UK two years ago and the fact that they print the contents is a real bonus. Would get one if they actually had them over here again (assuming it wasn’t full of beers I’d already had).

They’re Austrian. They advertise on their site for partners abroad, although only seems to be available in a couple of other countries.

They do 9 different themed calanders that are available in Austria/Germany/US/Belgium, etc. Pity they don’t just start doing international postage.

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Originally posted in the uk forum. Day one of my Beer Gonzo advent calendar was:


Mikkeller, Day 2:


I got one from Indie Alehouse in Toronto. Rumour has it they expected to sell around 80 and they actually sold 250! Good for them!

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I don’t know why you wouldn’t sell a bunch. It’s a great idea for beer fans. Also for gifts for people…
Does Indie Alehouse have that many canned/bottled beers these days? I don’t remember them bottling at all back in the day, but then again it’s been years since I’ve been there.

Probably just a lot of work to put together when lazy brewers prefer to just sell six packs. Plus, how many have 24 canned/bottled individual beers just sitting around to drop in a calendar? I can think of a few around here that might. Definitely would be easier for a third party to put together. Too bad Sheldons went bankrupt, that could be a killer calendar.

Looks like @jgb9348 and @ozzy70 are in the mix too on this Costco one.

I had this last year and was given one this year too. Looks like there are some duplicates, but maybe half are new. Ratings will come when I clear the backlog (not that big). Appreciate you guys figuring out which beers are which and entering new ones. There was a handful last year that were headscratchers.

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Day 2 of my Beer Gonzo advent calendar. Nice imperial stout with peanut butter.


With the Cantillon yours is already shaping up so much better than my 24 helles and pils :rofl:

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Day two:

This is a seriously solid kellerbier. Wasn’t expecting anything really, but love the crispness here. Pretty nice stuff.