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Beer can chicken

Looking to try a beer can chicken this weekend on my woodwind and looking for advice.
Camp chef says to cook at 375 and Traeger says to cook at 425.
My goal is a chicken that’s juicy on the inside with crispy delicious skin. What has been the best experience for crispy skin?

Screw the can. Brining is your best bet for a shot at a juicy yard bird. If you’re smoking it, higher temp with a shorter cook time works best. Though 425 sounds a bit ridiculous. Good luck!

Thanks for your response and thanks for the useful advice.

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Mix in oil with your seasoning post marinade/brine. Spachcock indirect on the side of a hot grill. Beercan chicken is fine if you have more height than width on your grill & want to do multiple birds. Never had a dry bird with any method unless it was absurdly lean or I forget about it.

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Came apart in the end, though I dig quarters. Pretty big bird for spatchcocking I guess. Spatchcock is a method meant for smaller birds I believe. ‘Twas still yummy.

The aluminum can contains a plastic lining that is toxic with BPA’s when heated. No?

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Late to the party but temp is irrelevant. If you’re doing it right the beer and moisture will keep things nice and juicy on the inside while heat will crisp up the outside. I use

Obviously it hasn’t been cleaned and reseasoned but works great.

Plus using this you get a good amount of clean schmaltz.

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Cool tool. Weber makes a skinny stainless wire fixture if you want more sizzle.

@chinhaez For the BPA, lots of cans don’t have it anymore, but some still do. No idea on how heat reacts with it.

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