Beer Cellar Wants/Have

I try and update my wants every couple months and my haves a little less often than that. I would suspect this is uncommon. Seems like most people on this site don’t trade that much any more, so may be no need at that point. Does any body else keep up with this?

I would like to, but seems like this function is yet another of the features RB actively disregard and make completely unusable.

I update my Haves basically every time I buy or drink (or give away) a beer. I use it to know what I have available in my basement for consumption.

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It is usable, it is more work, but there is a work around. On a beers new page you have to copy the last number of the URL from the address bar. Go to the old beer page and select a beer (I go to travel list and select Display Beers and select the first beer that comes up) delete that beers last number and paste the number for the beer you want at the end of URL then go and add the beer like the old days. If it has two numbers with forward slashes on the new page I cannot seem to get it to work. Really this is something that should be a priority to be fixed, but this is up the food chain from me @joet.

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Yeah, I know the workaround but I have moved my cellar control to Untappd. Scan barcode, add, done and it automatically removes the beer when I rate it.

When RB have a similar work flow I’ll move it back here


I don’t use it because there’s no way when searching a beer to see at first sight if you already have it in cellar or not (like if you rated it or not)…
I don’t understand why RB doesn’t work on that…

These are good comments. Several of our cellar/wishlist features were pruned after updates were made to pages as they were shifted to modern code and servers. It’s been the intention to restore them, and lists in general have become a set of features that can be thought of together, reassessed and package as a suite. We currently have two lists for beers – favorites and wishlist, and a follow list for brewers and beer styles. A places follow list is in the state of development as well.

Last year, design concept work was done to unify lists and add the ability for user-customized names, and for recommendations to respond in part to product availability and user lists. @services This is a large project that our small team is still working on!

I tried using favorites for cellar list but when searching a beer, there’s no way to see it’s in our favorite unless you go to the Beer page and check the Heart icon…

Worse, there’s no sorting Options in the favorite list so you have to scroll all the way down to check if a beer is there, making it useless

And even worse, the Favorite List is only accessible in the menu from the RB homepage, it is totally absent from that menu in some pages… from the forums for example.

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So having an indicator in search if it’s in the Lists generally (favorites, wishlist, want list) is advisable?

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I’ve probably been one of the bigger critics of removing this feature since it went away. It has definitely made trading more difficult. I used cellar/wants on a weekly basis.

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Wants/haves are definitely in need of a huge overhaul. Far too simplistic in it’s current format. Call me an Untappd shill I don’t care but their lists are so much more flexible and have all the features I (and probably anyone else) could feasibly want or need.

Beer (obviously)
Purchase Date
Purchase Location
Bottled/Canned on date
Best Before Date

All (except the beer itself) are optional.

As this is RB we can obviously do away with the photo as it’s unnecessary. Everything else is really nice to have. Some fields aren’t necessary for certain purposes, but the point here is flexibility. We should be able to have multiple lists, that way we can use them for many purposes. A cellar list, a trading list, a wishlist, a list of beers you intend to try at a festival you’re going to, a list of beers you want to try from a certain country, or a certain style, or simply a list of favourites. The possibilities are endless. What do you think @joet? Discuss it with your team :slight_smile:


Agreed. I have 23 lists ATM on Untappd, use them for festivals, travels, as shopping lists etc. Also on untappd you can save breweries and places on lists.

Of course their concept can be improved too. I’m thinking maps for places list and lists shared with other users (wouldn’t that be great for tastings?).

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Same here!


Ditto. Since the change I’ve had to use Excel which is fine for me personally but others can’t see it if they are wanting to trade or people are buying me a beer. I’ve had to resort to taking screenshots of 300 lines of spreadsheet. I could put it in Google Sheets and just share a link to view but I’d much rather be able to use RB for all my haves/wants needs. I want to use and support the site more not less!

Please bring back wants/haves!

It seems the Cellar Wants/Saves has been changed. You can now see who has certain beers in their Cellar Wants and who has certain Cellar Haves. However I cannot seem to figure out how you delete the beers from either list now; any body know how?

Where can you see who has a special beer in his cellar wants/haves? Cant find this info on any beer page.

Look up your beer ratings and scroll to the bottom to haves and wants.

Click on it and you can delete or edit. I don’t see any way of adding beers to your wants

It’s the same for anyone you want to check wants and haves.

Okay, so I got it wrong. I was aware that I can see the wants/haves of a user. I thought it would now be possible to go on a beerpage and see who has this beer in his cellar of all the users who want this beer. Would be great if that option would be back.