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Beer cellaring fridges

Looking for a good mini fridge for cellaring beer.

Something like this would be ideal:


However I know it’s a bad idea to cellar a beer on the side like that unless it has a cork.

I was thinking I could get something like that and maybe remove or rearrange the shelves so standard 12 ounce or 22 ounce beers would fit standing up.

However, I figured this was essentially a “solved problem”, ie, other people besides me must have this problem, and they have determined which make and model works best for cellaring beer, at least in terms of getting 12 ounce and 22 bottles to both fit vertically. My question is specifically about bottles fitting and which fridge brand you like.

What is your solution for this?

I’m in an apartment so I don’t have an actual cellar.


I have the smaller version - not so much for cellaring as to keep a range of beers available at any given moment. I have condensation problems - freezer defrosts/drips - so I’ve shoved some small towels into the corners - no mold problem so far. Just gut the shelving and play with the arrangements.

With freezer space - fill it with ice blocks - apparently an energy saving sort of thing.

That can compartment is all kinds of crazy!

Anything wrong with hotel mini-bar style fridges? Some are compressor-free, so silent.

They don’t hold much - and are awkward with tall and/or wide bottles.

There are some pathetic sized ones, you would have to shop around. The best smallish fridge I’ve seen locally has clearly been designed with hotels in mind - it has a lock.

I think @maxxdaddy used to have this fridge or one similar.

I am not a big fan of this and I have never seen a good small beer fridge. The problem with this one is you can only stand bottles on the bottom self. This only gives you a few bottles. The curved selves are worthless for standing up bottles. Plus, they are not even great for laying them down. They are designed for a very specific type of wine bottle. Beer bottles tend to vary. Some of the large base ones don’t fit well and other look messy. If you are going to invest in a fridge it should be better. I haven’t seen a good one.

Additionally, I don’t think we have good evidence on how to best store beer aside from don’t age them too long.

I would recommend starting small like this LINK

You can take out the bottom 3 selves and fit bottles standing up and then have one shelf to lay down. Its an entry fridge and after a little while you will decide whether you want to keep it, throw out, or expand. You will also know what works best for you preferences for space and storage. I also recommend buying from craigslist since many people realize they have no need for a wine fridge soon after purchasing one :grinning:.

I like the see through doors, which is better than the standard dorm room fridge. But you should be careful to find one that isn’t loud if you intend to keep it in an area you rest. If you find one with flat selves and all the cool additions of a small wine fridge, please post.

Fairly rearrangeable. Somewhat like the Sanyo I have.

The wine chiller seems the best option, as long as you can remove so shelves in order to store everything vertically…By the look of it, seems it could have enough space for 2 shelves: a 750ml and a 500ml

Most wine chillers are much more expensive than mini-fridges with more internal flexibility. When our wine chiller died, I took off the door, and we use the shelves to store 1.5 liter bottled water (12), and about 16 12 oz bottles in the bottom. That’s working really well, and the beer fridge is stacked on top of the old chiller, so there’s some space conservation.

Need a good mini-fridge? Keep reading…

So, what is the #1 thing you should look for in a mini-fridge? It’s the amount of cubic feet of storage space. A super-mini-fridge only has about 2-1/2 cubic feet of storage space… but… a really good mini-fridge will have at least 5 cubic feet of storage space. That’s enough room for an entire week’s worth of food… plus… a few odds and ends.

Check this blog([Under Budget] Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles - KitchenTotally) out every day for a week and you’ll get an incredible amount of valuable information. It’s a virtual “best-of” collection of my newsletter articles, book chapters, and other publications. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else on the web!

Sold the wife on a second full-sized fridge in the basement for food storage. Freezer has loads of food, but the fridge is almost all beer. Win win.


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