Beer Classification: Combined-Tags vs Styles

In a perfect world, I would prefer the Beer Classification (on RB and in general) by Tags only instead of a few predetermined Styles… there’s so much variations in each style, hybrids beers.
There’s so much beers in the database that are not in the right “styles” right now…

Can you expand a bit your thoughts?

In any case, some years ago there has been a discussion among admins that goes somehow in that direction; nothing happened.
I think it’s worth to keep talking about it, and see which way is better for our audience.

Well, instead of classifying a a beer in the “India Pale Ale” style with an english pale ale description, the beer would be tagged for example “English style”, “India (or simply Bitter)” “Pale”, “Ale”.

The problem right now is that there’s no links between tag…if a link could be made link Ale - Pale - Bitter - English style , or Ale - Dark - Bitter - American style, it would be better classified than generic India Pale Ale. Top beers could be classified using the compilation of all the linked tags