Beer connoisseur drinks coronation ale from 1952

Hope it’s better than GK IPA…

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He looks a lot older than the last time I saw him

Looks like he’s nicked a glass from the local MS bar :rofl:

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Happy to be proved wrong, but I would say there’s no way in hell that a 70 year old beer could taste “delicious”… I’d say it’s scientifically impossible.

Had a Royal Wedding beer plucked from the vaults at St Austell, arguably temperature controlled in a cellar, untouched, a full pallet of them. And it was heavily oxidised.

If the cap was wax sealed, I’m all ears but if not I don’t buy it

Protz is 85 years old now so not doing too badly. I’ve spoken to him a few times, don’t always agree with him though. About 20 years ago an American friend of mine brought a strong dark British beer from the 1940’s across to a Belgian beer festival (forgotten the name of the beer). He shared it out and it was obviously past its best but still quite interesting to see how it evolved over time and quite amazing to drink something from the 2nd World War era. I don’t mind some aged beers, obviously stronger and darker is best.