Beer Events / The Shires, etc

Thanks. Much appreciated. I think Jacaranda come from near Southwell - but their Facebook page doesn’t give an address ! 14 new breweries for me

Friday is my reserve day.

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Obvs early but I am one of about 10 punters at Egham. Glad I didn’t book train tickets to Beckenham. They sold out of beer yesterday.

Edit: some foreign Nordic have turned up. However they are with some attractive young ladies so presuming they’re not Ratebeerians.

I think fonefan is with Chris in London, perhaps he is there?

Indeed, social media suggests fonefan is here!

I’m excited to get back to GBBF. Looks like I’ll only be there for one day (tomorrow). So it’s unlikely I’ll get everything on my ‘hit list’ of about 40 beers, but they are all beers I actually ‘want’ to drink so whatever number I get will be nice. Mostly new breweries and mild ticks.


Great stuff, see you there tomorrow, got a season ticket but will only be going Tuesday and Wednesday this year, if anyone wants a free ticket for rest of week let me know!

I’ve booked to go to CAMRA’s Weybmouth Oktoberfest on 08/10. This year they are aiming to have beers from every active (cask) brewery and cidery so should be good for new brewery ticks.

That’s a few thousand breweries …

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To complete that sentence, “… from Dorset.”

We have 33 Active Breweries including 4 Brewhouse & Kitchens, they will do well to get all of those.

Only those producing cask so a few can be excluded.

One of these years, I will go to GBBF! In the meantime it’s local pubs and the odd trip ‘away’ - need to find a festival not too far away that will offer up some variety, Coventry was good (maybe not the entrance protocol and seating) so something similar.

BUT come September (7th to 11th at St Mary’s Church) I’ll be behind the bar at Shrewsbury Beer Festival, and the offer will be grand so hope to see some of y’all there :beers:

For me Beer Festival season is getting close now. Starting with Peterborough at the end of August, then working at Harbury Beer Festival at start of September. Following that I think it goes York mid Sept, Nottingham mid Oct, working at Oxford towards end Oct, Kidderminster start of November and perhaps finally Dudley late November with a maybe, this year for a first visit to Pigs Ear in December.


Saw a flyer for Pigs Ear at GBBF yesterday.

As early is it ever lands … commencing 29th November.

Was there any mention of the 2023 Winter Beer Festival? It was due in Birmingham this year but got cancelled but nothing was said about where the next festivals were going to be.

Cancel that, I’ve just found it. It’s being held at Burton on Trent Town Hall, 16th - 18th February.

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Along with a few others I was planning on the Winter ales in Brum, annoyed they released tickets (which I purchased) then cancelled within 10 days.

I had a hotel booked (refundable) but was yet to book train tickets but I bet there was some folks who got stuck with such bookings!

I’d have been up for it again if in Brum but Burton isn’t convenient for me so will scroll past again until it hits a bigger/more convenient venue.

I might be temped to do 2 nights in Brum with a day trip to Burton sandwiched in on the Friday … I’ll play by ear.

An insider friend suggests that headquarters got fed up with the Birmingham branch after this year. I believe it moves every 3 years anyway, so in the end they only got one go at it.
Burton is just about doable for me from Banbury, so it’s on the wish list.

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This could pan out as a similar trip to this year … as a few of us had decided to head out that weekend anyway we did a Derby pubcrawl on the Friday (of our intended day at winter ales) then a Brum crawl on the Saturday.

Tempted to hit this format again but do the festival in Burton on the Friday.

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I seem to have messed up my planning for UK Beer Fests this year (and next). Currently house and dog sitting in the middle of Devon, so no GBBF. Away on a Belgian/German road trip when the Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth festivals are on and in the US for that Winter one in Burton.