Beer Events / The Shires, etc

Heading to the Peterborough BF today. I may get there tomorrow, but certainly Friday. @imdownthepub i will keep my eye out for you.

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I’ll be there tomorrow @Mr_Pink_152 if you do make it 3 for 3.

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Heading to Hampshire Oktoberfest again this year. Went a couple of times before pre-Covid because it used to coincide with a mate’s birthday and we’re go8ng to celebrate it again this year despite it being a month earlier than previous years. Despite the Oktoberfest moniker which usally means a load of well known German neers I think it’s quite underrated. 150 beers and ciders. Just hope the ticks I am after are still available on Sat 17/09. There’s one new brewery tick for me (Growling Gibbon outta Winchester) and I suspect there’ll generally be new brewery ticks for people. Previously they had a craft bar with 50% Fullers and a few more interesting beers but this year they seem tonhave a few bwwrs from more local breweries that don’t tend to do cask.

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I have done the Trade afternoon on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday. Today (Thursday) is my last go, particularly to pick up an elusive Secret Brewing Project beer that they have been sneakily holding back. I shall look out for you too and @Grumbo although I’m not sure if we have met over the years.
BTW it’s raining here at present.

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Good to see you both yesterday at a slightly damp Festival, nice having a chat. Lots of rates to catch up with having done the 3 days. Looking forward to the next time.

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Beer lists for Charters

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Rail strikes next week so a meeting in Brum is off (I’d booked a 21:30 train back to visit some places I’d not been before) but more annoyingly there’s also one on the Saturday when I am supposed to be going to Hants Oktoberfest. Apparently there is a bus route via Guildford and Alton so it takes nearly 2 hours rather than 20 - 40.

Sorry that you’re annoyed at rail staff having to resort to this action. Hope you get to attend beery events very soon.

This is the thing. This is a beer forum so I commented on an event I’d mentioned earlier in the event.

And as I said I’m sorry it annoys you. Hopefully there’s resolution soon. As a beer ticker / traveller it potentially disrupts my plans too.

103 out of 133 of the beers here are real ale but the CAMRA guys are still getting paranoid because there are some kegs on. Hants Oktoberfest prrogramme:

Cider & Perry list is up for the 2022 Nottingham Beer & Cider Festival at Trent Bridge:
159 listed
Should be there on the Thursday (13th Oct), with a look into Partizan Tavern before heading back


The Nottingham BF beer list is now also out

I might see some of you there.


Weymouth Oktoberfest beer list is relatively short but will hopefully result in 6 new brewery ticks.

And if I don’t spend too long there I’ll get off in Bournemouth on the way home and hopefully pick up two more brewery ticks. Or divert to Lymington for the Brewpub there.


We are there from Wed to Friday. 33 New Breweries for me!

last time I did Notts fest I wanted over 100 breweries! sadly don’t think I’ll have chance this year

Solihull Beer Festival today for me. Nice reasonable list and it looks like the trains will be running, hopefully.

No probs today. Swapped my Weymouth tickets as I originally had a Saturday ticket. Couldn’t rely on Charlie snuffing it.

With immaculate timing, I have caught COVID just as the festival approaches. So you will have to drink my share!

I will do my best!!