Beer in Austin Texas

Hi guys, I’m in Austin, Texas this week with work. Any tips on the current best places to drink craft beer and the best brewery beers to look out for and sample? I won’t make Jester King as I see it’s only open weekend. I’m staying downtown and Craft Pride looks like one of the best?

I was there a few years ago. Hops and Grain was solid, as was Pinthouse Pizza (there are two locations). Lazarus was fine too. That said Austin has so many breweries that a google search in any which area should at least yield interesting results.

One of my neighbours works for an oil company and keeps pulling out of curry nights because he’s in Austin. Keep meaning to ask him to pick some beer up.

OK cool thanks, I’ll check out the location of my hotel and try to get to those suggestions, the Pinthouse Pizza beers I have heard of.