Beer in Como and South Tyrol

Hi folks, seeking any intel on the above locations, and recommendations for off-the-beaten-path beer places are welcome.

I presume German beer is pretty widely available in this part of the world? What sort of stuff should I expect to see in supermarkets?

Interested to know if Cantillon gets any distro in this part of the world at all (won’t make it to Milan, possibly will visit Verona).


In South Tirol you can find Batzen in Bolzano, who brews an amazing Dunkel:

Batzen Bräu

If you are flexible, don’t miss Extraomnes, so far the best Italian brewery:

Cantillon is quite available in Italy, but I do not know that well the North-West of the country. More into Rome and North-East.

Which is your route? If you go East (Udine and Friuli in general) and not only North, I can probably share some nice suggestion.

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I would go with Italian beer instead of German stuff when in Italy … there are some very nice things around … Crak is great if you like IPAs but they also do some nice Imp Stouts or Barley Wines. I really like Ca del Brado, if you like sours … There are a lot of great breweries around…

As rauchbierlover suggested Cantillon gets quite good distribution in Italy … but only selected places carry it…
I think there was a bottle shop in Verona that carried some … You probably have to ask around a bit to see what is available where…

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Then check this:

Not on RB yet

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You go to Italy and ask for German and Belgian beers?
Please try some italian beers, you can find many very good pubs in the area you are visiting that serve excellent italian craft beers. Easier in Lombardia than Trentino.

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Supermarkets carry a few dozen beers, usually rather boring, worth only if you are stuck in an area with no other options, which shouldn’t be your case.

In Como, check out Birratrovo and Birrivico.
Birratrovo doubles as bar and beerstore, they have hundreds of bottles and a small tap list of interesting and fast rotating beers. You can drink bottles at the bar too (you may need to ask to chill them first).
Birrivico is a bar, excellent taps, a fridge with 100+bottles and you can take them home if you want; the atmosphere is great. If you happen to be there late night near the weekend, check the bakery a few doors up on the same street that sells pizza slices and other things in the wee hours.

Near Como, you shouldn’t miss Birrificio Italiano.
For 20 years they consistently brewed one of the best Pilsners; but I usually loved also their Bock and many other beers; they have a barrel aging program and you may find something available (bottles can be purchased to take home); and on top of that it’s a great restaurant.

Something a bit different, Mamma Rosa (listed in the Places section too) is a restaurant, when I’m back in Como I always go at least once, long menu, great pizzas and fish, and they have a few beers from Birrificio Italiano and others, enough to put it on the map.

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Thanks for the posts.

To be clear, of course I want to drink Italian beer. I am simply asking what is available.

I would also be interested to pick up some Cantillon if it’s possible as I won’t be visiting Belgium this year.