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Beer in Moscow region

Hello, my name is Daryana. Such a topic. My friends got organized and started a craft microbrewery. They are not oligarchs, they do not have a hairy paw in the administration, but they have excellent beer and a conscience. And there is no money for aggressive advertising either, since all available funds are spent on high-quality raw materials and experiments with new interesting varieties. I’ve tried all the beer they brew. It is really very tasty, so with a pure soul and an open heart, I recommend them. They are located in Balashikha in Moscow region. Here is the information about them (it is fixed): Anna Naumkina | VK. Also, you can write them by email: Hobbit.Beer@yandex.ru.



Is this beer for sale anywhere in Moscow (or can it only be found in Balashikha)?

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Good day! Look, order from 5000 rubles. They will bring it themselves for free. I knot it, it is possible.:grin:
Before you receive an order, they can open any bottle so that you can evaluate the quality of the drink.

“A hairy paw in the administration” would be a great name for a beer. I’m thinking a robust porter, or maybe a brown ale.

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Oh, I think, it’s not a bad name. I’ll have to offer it to my friends.:joy:

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