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Beer in the Shires

I thought, as beer festivals and tap takeovers are starting up again it might be worth reviving this old thread…

It’s just an opportunity to post about beer related events in the UK and Ireland. Not just the shires.

Feel free to post links to event details, beer list, comments on events and pictures of attendance.


Ignore this is you want.

I thought I’d start with a post about a big event in Nottingham.

The Nottingham Beer Festival is on again from 13th Oct until 16th I think.


Beer and cider lists are published. There are about 850 beers plus ciders. Maybe slightly smaller than other years.

60 new breweries for me.

And this year it’s moved to Trent Bridge. Yes the cricket ground.

I’m going Wed-Fri. Anyone else attending.


Wow, wish the wife wasn’t out of town, that’s a fest I’ve been wanting to make. Norwich Beerfest for me the end of the month 25-30 Oct. I’ll be there on 28th.


I’ll be at Nottingham Fest on the Wed for the afternoon session, in front of the cider & perry bar… 13 new cideries for me

Cider list here:

Mentioned it elsewhere but the Egham Beer Festival (04-06/11) is always good for ticks from newer breweries from nearby counties. New Berks and Hants brewery ticks I am after:

OK, it’s not the shires but the Pigs Ear is back. Planning to go on the 3rd or 4th of December.

Damn. I just can’t go this year.

@shig maybe next year.

I’m doing both Nottingham (Thur & Fri, couldn’t persuade the missus to do 3 days) 38 new breweries for me. Egham, it looks like the Thursday is my best bet, quite a few new breweries there too but Bob doesn’t have them all out from the start so it can be hit or miss.
Just been informed that the National Winter Beer Festival is definitely on (Boris permitting) in Birmingham. One to look forward to and a possible Ratebeer table?

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shameless plug Sour Wars - this Saturday at the Crow, Sheffield

Launch of three barrel aged imperial sours brewed by Steel City (ie me!) in collaborations with Emperor’s and Lost Industry, along with some one-off Stout Wars imperial stouts and other bits

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Wish I could, I did like my trip to Sheffield earlier this year and the Crow is a nice venue.


I’d be up for Brum.

Going to Egham on the Friday afternoon.

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Mrs. pub has changed her mind, so we will be at this afternoons session at Nottingham :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. Not sure how easy it’s going to be to spot people but I’ll keep my eyes open for you all.

It’s quite a big day. First beer festival since Leicestershire Feb 2020.


Massive queues in the Trent Bridge Inn, crap beer too.

I have had a great 3 days at the Nottingham Beer Festival. On the whole prefer the Trent bridge venue to the motorpoint arena, but the castle is still the best.

Thanks to those RateBeer folk I met over the last few days. Specifically @danlo and @imdownthepub

My aims over the 3 days were:

  • go past 2,000 breweries, I needed 6
  • try 100 or more beers from Cheshire
  • try 100 or more beers from Lancashire
  • try beers from 40 of the 60 breweries new for me breweries.

Smashed them all.

I ended up trying:

  • 96 new for me beers
  • 59 of the 60 new breweries tried. Redscar was the one that hot away.
  • blitzed the 2000 breweries.
  • passed 100 beers from both Cheshire and Lancashire.

So all together a good few days.

Bring on the next beer Festival….



I want to get to Egham as well, trouble is I’ve something already in the diary for Friday :roll_eyes: so I might bid for Thursday instead.

There’s also a preview night - for CAMRA members, I think - on Wednesday 3rd.

Vessel Beer Festival is back, being held at Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot this time on 12th & 13th November. It was good fun in 2019 - when it was held in Plymouth.

No beer list yet, but some breweries announced.


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