Beer Naming Conventions for Brewery Brands

I understand and agree that beer names on this site should start with the brewery. But we seem to treat Brewers brands in an inconsistent way.

Recently a added:

The Brewery named on the pump clip and branding is Salem Brew Co, which is a brand now used by Batemans, but as Batemans isn’t named on the pump clip i didn’t include it. It has since been changed to have Batemans at the beginning.

Other beers which are “Brewed by Brands” of other breweries sometimes do and sometimes don’t include the parent brewer. A few examples that don’t are below:

How should we be entering these beers?


Sorry Chris, I didn’t realise that Batemans were using Salem Brew as a brand as they had used Salem before within the beer name. I will change the newer version above, hopefully they will be more consistent with this.