Beer of the Month - January 2023 - Barleywine

This was bought at a store. So, seemingly aged by brewery or importer. I’ve had my share of aged Harvest Ales. My general perspective is it’s not worth it for more than a handful of years. But I was curious for a more official aging of it. Soooo, here it is.

It tastes old. It tastes the best and most clean aspect of old. Just a clear cut cardboard and wet paper cutting through a thick and overly sweet English malt sweetness. It ends with an overly strong aged and oxidized maltiness. I’m glad I got to try this purposefully aged version and it further reinforces that I should atop drinking it old. But somehow I keep forgetting after a few years.


Much better. The strong peat smoke covers up the age and the syrupy sweetness helps offset the peat. It’s a nice treat without being something I want all the time.


Grimm - The Last of the Steam Powered Trains

Explosivedog may be in the background.


How come @explosivedog isn’t posting his barleywine? Too good for us? Or too good for barleywine?

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I had already ticked it, so did not get a pour


Xmas gift from my wife, who I’ve been a terrible husband to. Fonta Flora, aged in bourbon barrels & conditioned on vanilla beans; 12%.