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Beer page - "Brewed for / Brewed by" - incorrect for gypsy/cuckoo/etc. brewers


We have thousands of brewers who don’t have their own plant, but brew their beers at other places. They brew the beers themselves there in some/ a lot of cases, with the brewery where it’s brewed itself having little to nothing do with the beer that’s being brewed.

Now it says, for example:
Brewed for XY Brewing,
Brewed by ZQ Brewing.

That’s not fair towards the brewers who make the beers themselves and is simply incorrect.

Please change the second line to “Brewed at”. Will be much more correct. The first line can stay the way it is, or say “Brewed for/by”, not yet 100% sure about it.


This as been raised in the past.

Client brewer should be listed as Brewed by (client brewer) and brewed at (contract brewer)

Commissioner should be listed as Brewed for (commissioner) and Brewed by (the contract brewer)