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Just wondering if it’s a bug or intentional that photos uploaded never seem to show up on the beer page anymore?

Would be good to know, because whenever I have something from a bottle or can that has no photo I try to upload one, but if they aren’t ever going to show up on the site anymore I won’t waste my time.

Realized I didn’t give an example, here’s one I uploaded about a week ago that doesn’t show up:

It shows up when you click on it. Just another bug I assume (nothing to worry about, it will be fixed… maybe in a year :rofl:).

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Thanks, had not occurred to me to click on the image placeholder to see the actual image. Still odd though.

No problem. I’d like to see it fixed too.

I think this has actually been brought up before. Don’t remember if there was any response from the ratebeer team though.

Yeah, I was wondering but I couldn’t find it in a forum search (not that it means anything, since I rarely ever find anything in a forum search).

They show up a lot quicker on the review page than the beer’s main page.

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Mine show up immediately.

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For me, when I’m loading a photo directly from the new Add Beer page, it always loads instantly. But before it did not show instantly on the beer page using desktop (more 1 or 2 days before loading) but using the RB App, I always saw it almost instantly (0-10 min max)…

Brewer and Place photos still take forever before showing on desktop, especially when you update one. But again, they update almost instantly in the App…

It’s like they are using 2 different databases for the App and Web versions of the site…

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More likely 2 different applications/versions?

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Yeah, when you’re adding a beer, adding the pic is a snap. On my mobile using the website.

Yeah, I had not noticed this previously, but it appears to be the case. Thanks.

I don’t recall it taking 6+ days to show up in the past, even the long waits were usually 48-72 hours max, hence my example in the 2nd post, but perhaps this is more normal than I recalled.

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Tested this out today, and it showed up right away. Thanks. Good to know, but not super useful in the scenario where the beer is already on the site without a pic.

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