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Beer pics still being added

Don’t stop emailing your pics cuz they are being uploaded. I just saw one that I sent in a little over a week ago; I don’t know how long it has been there. Someday I hope we can go back to where we were and eliminate a second party to do the work.

Are you emailing them from yer phone, Bill? Seems like that wasn’t a viable option.

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Yes, from my Android.

PIcs away! Some I’ve sent have shown up, but putting in a pic when entering the beer is instantaneous.


Or better still, adding the pic if you’re reviewing a beer and there is no pic. Instantly.

I do that - but in my experience there’s a wait while administration retrieves the email and adds it.

At this time there are 127 sent images awaiting verification and adding.
Sadly I do not have so much time lately to spend on this, though there are many others that look through these as well when they can.

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Haven’t seen that option nor do I see the option to add a pic from my iPhone. Hmmmm

Clicking on the 3 dots.

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Yeah, I try to do at least ten per day. Due to a recent house move it has been a bit slower, but getting back in the groove again now.


Got it. Thanks Bill! Sent 3 pics. See what happens!

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Admins are doing a great job for free. Keep on rocking guys!

someone needed to say that!


Looks like one of the three has been posted. Can only see it on my desk top though. Nothing on my iPhone yet. It’s getting there! Also, they apparently edit out the glass in the pic. That’s cool.

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