Beer rating deleted by admin for Southern Grist Mixed Greens XXI

I received an email that a beer and my rating had been deleted. I’m going to add the beer back to the database and my rating, but wanted to see if there was any particular reason it was deleted?

If the admin who deleted the entry could explain what happened it would be appreciated. Thank you.


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I was nosey and did notice that you input the name slightly incorrect. All the others have IPA at the end. Although that does not seem like a good reason to delete it.

Was some sort of admin ID in the email?

Yeah it was admin# 6872

Yeah, I just noticed that as well. I think I had just been copying and pasting the name but totally didn’t enter it correctly. Even the re-add I did yesterday I just noticed. I think it’s just known as Mixed Greens (that’s what everyone calls it around Nashville and the cans don’t say IPA or anything) now and probably all the others should be name corrected to drop the IPA part of the name if we are being technical. But I do see your point about not entering it like the others. Having a similar problem with Yazoo Embrace the Funk vs. Yazoo Embrace the Funk Series and names being too long to enter. I’d like to see it changed to Yazoo / ETF Beer Name

Hmm that would have been me. I was definitely editing some beer names, styles, and aliases the other day. But don’t think I deleted anything. Sorry about that. I didn’t even think the system would let me delete a beer that had a rating attached to it.

it does, but you have to confirm extra…

No worries egajdzls. Thanks for helping to clean up. I try to keep most of the Nashville breweries updated for new releases, but I can’t go back and retroactively change things as I’m not an admin.