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Beer rating has disappeared

My rating for Little Valley Withens Pale Ale has disappeared. In fact the beer has no rates which is weird as it was added in 2005. I rated the beer on the 30th September 2016.

It certainly existed as a rate when I exported my beer list when I achieved 8000 rates in late July 2019.

Can @services or and admin help explain what’s happened with this beer?

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It’s almost as if there’s a clue in the name indicating what the single most important feature of the site is.

I know five of the locals have rated that beer, it was quite well distributed, so I’m guessing that quite a lot of non-backed-up ratings will have been lost if the database has shat itself.

Recently gained 5 ratings, no clue what they were, but I’ve noticed on several occasions my ratings are missing. Saw a few I have backed up from my recent trip to Florida.

Interestingly my total ratings haven’t gone down. I only spotted as I was checking my own spreadsheet against RB, and on one of my beer list pages there are only 49 beers showing rather than 50.

I had this once before, and it took about a year to resolve.

There are number of possible reasons for this. Sometimes the rating is just not where you’d expect it. I’ll send you direct message and we can talk through it. Thanks for the dates. This is a useful piece of data for me investigating.

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