Beer Ratings

Have you noticed that the beer ratings of the best beers seem to have the hardest to find beer always on top? Look how Pliny, KBS, CBS have fallen off the top 50 Beer list over the last 3-4 years as they have become more available, but Toppling Goliath, Westy 12, Dark Lord…the beers that are still hard to find seem to stay the best. I call bullshit! KBS is still one of the best, Pliny is still one of the best, the taste doesn’t change just because now more people can get a hold of them. You watch, if TG Kentucky Brunch or Westy 12 becomes available at your local beer shop, you will see their ratings decline! Sometimes I wonder if many beer drinkers go with what they hear about and not what they taste!

3559 ratings for Westveteren 12 on RB. I reckon that it will remain in its rightful status here if not elsewhere. I’m biased when it comes to it

Pliny is harder to get than Toppling Goliath…

People want what they can’t have (see Cuban cigars, which aren’t any better than high-end comparables).

Beer sucks. But it makes for a neat hobby.

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Westy 12 is not hard to find in Europe, but it certainly is in the US. Pliny the Younger is still pretty impossible to find. But yes, the points are well taken. That said beer tastes change as the art of brewing changes.


In my opinion it’s quite the opposite than op. RB is quite conservative when it comes to new hard to find beers due to the low number of rates and raters not using the full score range.

In top 50 there are more than 15 beers which are fairly easy to find (depending on where you live of course). Untappd top 50 has 1 or 2 of those.

Write me some beers to try in NY!