Beer Search Results vs Spotted Beers

Right Now here’s what look like the beers search results and the Spotted Beers entries.


There’s a few pros and cons on both of those models
They are not standardized
Percentile score look better on the right
Brewer name is important.
The Country flag should be remove since it doesn’t display on every platform.
Lots of wasted space when everything is on the left and makes it feel too crowdy.
The 5 star rating looks too shy with a single star and the score must be displayed with 2 digits.
User own score must be set apart to make it more evident at first sight (right seems the best spot since it’s empty)
The number of ratings should be displayed along the score, not after the beer name)
The beer pic is way too small, more space should be allowed.
The entry should be centered and use more width if possible.
Possibly add the Country after the Brewer name.

IMO here’s what it should look like (compared to the 2 existing ones)


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