Beer ticks and ratings cleanup

Some users posed questions about invisible ticks or ratings caused by ghost ratings of deleted beers. There were 3618 of these still in the database after a very safety conscious cleanup last year. The remainder were cleaned up today. This may result in a slight shuffling of rate counts and ticks in your user profile. For some of you, this change marks a long awaited clarification or correction in your counts.

Thanks for your feedback on this. It’s helped me diagnose, isolate and fix the issue.




Thanks a lot, I have been waiting to finally get rid of these 3 ghost ticks in my profile! Cheers!


Did this include ticks of aliased beers? I lost about a handful maybe but 32 are still left. Would be cool to get rid of them.

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Got them. Thanks!


Thanks, this allows me to find and nuke the two mysterious ticks I had, both from brewers/beers I’ve never even heard of. They were both from Nov 21, 2016. The site presumably ticked those on my behalf. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, probably worthwhile for everyone to check their ticks to find things they’ve never actually ticked.

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Good. I had a couple of those too.

Now could it be possible to have our rating score (in the search page) and the Check Mark (in the brewer page) for aliased beers we rated/ticked so we know we had them without having to go to the main alias name page? This thing has been a real pain for years now…

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This should be available for everyone like so…


if it isn’t, you might need to logout and back in. Here’s a link

Does anyone know if this is also fixed? Please give the signout/sign on thing a try and see if this isn’t also fixed.

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I rated both of those beers but since they each are aliased to another beer now, I can’t see that I rated them, neither in the new search or in the brewer’s page unless I click on the beer and go to the new alias…

That’s always how aliases have worked isnt it?

Yeah… But that always worked like sh$* too… New layout… Time for enhancements :wink:

Fair enough!