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I have a question, that I just can’t seem to find the perfect answer for, and was hoping you guys could help me out! :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to know which type of beer is my “type”.
The beers I enjoy are… Franziskaner Wefe Bier, Duvels, Delirium Tremens, Stone & Wood (Australia Pacific), James Squire One Fifty Lashes,Guinness, Westmalle, and some ales. However, most ales I’ve been having lately are a bit too hoppy? If thats the correct wording… I feel like they are too bitter, and have a weird kind of aftertaste. Whereas, the beers I’ve mentioned above are much smoother? If that makes sense? Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts! Hoping to nail down the correct style category I’m looking for!

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Mixed bag of ales there, but I think Belgian Ales could be your type. Maybe even Belgian Strong. There’s often a similarity of sorts between Weiss beers and Belgians - stretching a point.


There is no perfect answer. Try,em all.


You could easily stick with Hefeweizen as a favorite, something light and easy, or go with other golden Belgian ales. Yeasty beers seem to be the way to go.

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But sloth is right. Depending on the day, I could choose Sour, Saison, Gose, or Geuze as my favorite. I’ve given up trying to nail down a favorite style and look for the best of each style.

Don’t limit yourself; try all types. Your preferences will evolve over time, so what your “type” is today will likely change in the years to come.

I used to love Belgians, but got worn out on the yeast over time. The great thing is when one chapter closes, you’ll inevitably come across a new one you take to.

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All these beer types seem very hard to get in my country, and if I can, they are awfully expensive! haha :frowning:

Your country?

In Australia. I assume there aren’t many Aussies on here? :confused:

That’s another issue for new stats?

Anyway, depending on your geography under the Southern Cross, it does appear to me that some ANZAC breweries are adventuresome and do multiple styles. My fave, Little Creatures* (fave from years ago), may not be that way, but watch for 8 Wired - they have made at least one quad that was great. And try Coopers - their Vintage Ale might move you onto English styles. :slight_smile:

*Little Creatures Pale Ale

I am not well-informed on the import situation in down under, but I have the feeling there must be more good quality Hefeweizens available there (and hopefully not too expensive - up here, where they come from, they cost less than a buck a bottle). Franziskaner is by far the best macro one, but there still exists Weihenstephan, Schneider Weisse, Ayinger, Paulaner, and more.

As others have said, you should still try new stuff from time to time, maybe your palate will change :wink:

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Thanks for the response! Unfortunately there aren’t many german beers here. Franziskaner are the cheapest at $80Aud for 20. All other weisbier are $69.99 Aud for about 12. Prices are massive for international beers that aren’t like coronas and stuff :frowning:

Red Duck do some interesting beers, in some of the styles mentioned earlier.

If I was Australian I would drink VB. Failing that Pirate Life brews good stuff.

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In response to Aussies on here. The only one who posts much is Thorney.

You could send him a Beermail for local advice. He lives in Melbourne Storm land.

Yeah, I have read everywhere how dear beers are in Australia.
In the early 70s, I bought schooners for 20 cents.

Btw, I’m sipping on a Nomad Freshie Salt and Pepper Gose. Quite the nice drop.

There were a couple of Aussies in my local pub recently, and we got chatting about their local scene. I whipped out my copy of this book, and he gave most of the ones listed the thumbs up:

Coopers have done some nice stuff, but your Kiwi neighbours seem to be brewing stuff more to my tastes (and yes, 8 Wired seem to be at the top of the list).

So just keep trying various beers - write some short notes about them, what you liked, and what you didn’t like - it will help you pay more attention, and perhaps start to detect a pattern in what really presses your buttons. There’s a lot of stuff out there with fruit in, that can be a nice alternative to bitter beers. Can you get any flemmish reds? Liefmans have some classics in their range that should be well exported. Check the places section, there might be some source you’ve not yet discovered:

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I agree Phil.
I love the NZ hops more than any other in the brewing world at the moment. Even Fuggles. If I was in Australia I would moved to NZ to be honest and enjoy their beer.

Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately, AUS smashed NZ :wink: Probably not in the beer department by the looks, or the nature department…

Does it matter if you don’t drink the correct beer out of the correct glass? I know it’s frowned upon, but is there much of a difference? Like not drinking a westmalle trappist beer in their glass, or a belgian strong ale in a tulip etc…

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