Beer Venue/ Tap List Apps?

Apart from the Untappd Beer Venue (a paid option) and listing their tap lists on their own website, is there any good “universal” tap list app/website for brewers?

Locally, in Quebec, Canada, there’s the AuMenu app ( free with optional paid extra options) that is pretty popular and I seen 1-2 brewer using BeerMenus ( free?)



In New York City beer menus was great tons of places used it and I did frequently.

A few places used taphunter a similar competitor but didn’t seem to take off.

Here in Florida I’ve found nothing other than untapd

BeerMenus seems pretty popular indeed in the NYC area!

Here’s a comparison with AuMenu in Quebec

DigitalPour works well, but only two venues in all of Austria use it.

My approach is to look at a venue’s website and see how they list their taplist. I do not look at third party sites first. I usually only check tap lists to get a sense of general quality as opposed to look for a particular beer.


ontap is the best for Polish cities:

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Awesome! I was looking for something like this fir my upcoming trip to Gdansk

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Na zdrowie! :poland: Pub Browar Spółdzielczy is quite a cool place with an amazing selection and it’s quite easy to get there with the tram (please make sure that you’re patient with the serving staff, as the bar employs people with learning disabilities). Pułapka and LaBeerynt are also quite nice, too.

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