Beer. Why Do I Drink It?

The popularity of craft beer is growing rapidly across the country and the world. A quick google search tells me there are nearly 9 thousand craft breweries across the United States. That number is growing every year and man do we love beer. When narrowing to New England it is easy to see our market is flooded with over 600 breweries and yes Massachusetts and my home state of Connecticut are leading the pack with 130 and 110 breweries respectively. So yes, beer is growing rapidly across the country. But why exactly is this? Well I can’t answer that, however I can tell you 3 reasons why I drink beer.

First, Beer is relaxing. What’s better then after a long day, when work is over, chores are done, dinner is cleaned up, and the kids are asleep? Sitting back in a comfortable recliner, putting your feet up and sipping on a delicious beer is the pinnacle of relaxation. With all the great styles and breweries, how could this ever get old? Sours brewed with marshmallow, stouts with peanut butter and IPA’s with so many different hops. Beer is always changing, it will never get old and it will never stop relaxing me after a long day.

Second, beer is a social experience. With Covid protocols in place it is more difficult to see friends and family, but even still beer is social. Meeting a couple friends at a brewery grabbing a couple pints and a snack is just outright fun. It is easy to social distance and stay safe while enjoying a tasty treat and catching up. Without beer this just wouldn’t be the same.

Then I look at home gatherings and can anyone imagine a BBQ, pool party, or 4th of July gathering without an icy cold cooler beer. In my opinion a beer never tastes better then reaching into that icy cold water to grab that delicious beverage! Follow that up with throwing some corn hole, tossing some sauce, or a little can jam, and honestly it doesn’t get much better. Beer is the glue that keeps these events together!

Third, beer tastes like heaven. With so many different styles of beer today it’s almost impossible to not find something you enjoy. Personally I can appreciate almost all styles and flavors of beer, but my top favorites are lagers, stouts, and sours.

Lagers: I love the crisp smooth sips. Not bitter or hoppy with no buildup of phlegm in the back of the throat, just makes for a perfect sip. It’s a refreshing enjoyable sip every time and a beer I can drink again and again!

Stouts: On a cold winter night while my fireplace is cranking and a hockey game is on TV, a stout hits the spot. Better than a stout is an imperial stout. Coming in at ABVs of 9% and up, it is a perfect sipper. The malty, rich and sweet flavors coupled with a beautiful dark chocolate color is a sipping dream. With today’s additions of chocolate, nuts, coconut, peanut butter, and coffee the combinations are endless, and I for one would love to drink them all!

Sours: Sour is a flavor profile I have always enjoyed, so to add that to a beer is perfect for me on a summer day. The abv for a sour can range from 4% to as high as 10%. The flavors are endless with berries, marshmallows, and stone fruit being popular ingredients. Just writing about these delicious beers is making my mouth water!

So there you have it. 3 reasons why I love to drink beer and my 3 favorite beer styles. Don’t forget to check out Barley Buds Beer Reviews on YouTube and podcast for more in depth beer talk and good times with good friends!



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You might have got some replies if you’d not pushed your own agenda or maybe even rated a few beers on RateBeer before posting on here.


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