Beer world growth

I checked when beers were added to RB, by 50000 increments.
In the first year(s) there was a bit of catching up with classic, long standing beers; but also less users which means less capillary reach to smaller countries and remote brewpubs.

As we knew, new beers get released much faster.
One factor (not the only one) is commercial: till 3-5 years ago breweries relied on brand recognition and would stick on the same name even if they didn’t get the same ingredients year over year; today, the same small variations (hazi bois, wink) are identified with new names, to generate more interest and hype in the consumers.

It took 8 years and 11 months to add the first 100k beers,
but only 11 months to add the last 100k beers.

The growth is pretty smooth, if Excel didn’t fail me:


That’s pretty cool. I definitely could add more beers than I do but I’m lazy and tend to add mostly the ones I may try. Wonder when the big 1M brew to be added to database will be and what lucky brew will take it.