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When I talked to beer52 rep last time he said they are notorious for not delivering damaged boxes and giving the company or customer an update. This might be my last month of club. I don’t need to call beer52 every other month to figure out where my beer is.

The box I forgot to cancel was delivered by a woman in a Vauxhall Cavalier so if they’re using random people as opposed to full time staff I can see why they may have extra issues.

As the next pack has French and Slovenian beers I changed the delivery address to my office.

(Although I note that the beer I am currently enjoying is available for £1.39 at Aldi… which ties in with the theory that Beer52 buy beers at supermarkets).

Nobody is driving a Vauxhall Cavalier to make deliveries. Absolutely nobody. Except in your head.

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Before I respond is it the use of a car or the model of the car that you object to?

Because I can’t be certain of the model on the footage. My parents’ Fiesta is obscuring the woman’s car.

But the photo in this article from a few years ago - a red Vauxhall again! - is better.

:laughing::laughing: Well it’s definitely a Vauxhall, but it’s definitely not a Cavalier. They stopped making those donks ago. I had one. It was dogshit brown and permanently stank of petrol. Worst car I’ve ever owned. And I’ve had some bad cars!

And I wasn’t objecting to anything, other than the scientific impossibility of a Vauxhall Cavalier being used by someone in the business of getting from one place to another!

I think Hermes is a crackerjack delivery service. Couldn’t tell you what my locals drive as I never see them most the time.

I think my beers come in a Hillman Imp!


@Garrold I bought a tax free Cavalier once, when living in Germany. I loved it, drove miles in it, good family car. Also had a Vectra and now have an Insignia, so Vauxhall has been my maker of choice three times. Worst two cars I’ve had were BMW’s.

Never delivered parcels in them though (that’s any car).


Wondering if this is why my delivery keeps getting delayed.

Mine arrived today. He drove a Mitsubishi Shogun. He visits us regularly delivering clothes my daughter buys online but only once a quarter with my Beer52 delivery and he’s a very nice chap…

As for the beers in the box, they replaced my Lost+Grounded with some supermarket macro from Magic Rock. Did anyone else miss out on their JuJu - which is hugely hyped in their magazine and was supposed to be Beer52 exclusive.

Two more rescheduled delivery messages. I’m never getting the beer and if I do it will probably all be replacement macro.

My January box is at my sister-in-laws as I changed the delivery address with us being away, I will post a picture of my hoard once I get it tomorrow.


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After receiving this the last few days.

I finally received this (unfortunately before I got home so no idea what was driven)


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I forgot to cancel my freebie box at Christmas and kickstarted a subscription. No idea of the car that delivered it but get an Alps set.


Like @Grumbo you didn’t receive the Lost+Grounded JuJu.

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Yeah got the Five Points Xpa instead.

Just like the rest, i missed out on the JuJu (no big deal for me). My 12 pack is identical to @Mr_Pink_152 with the added bonus of two bottles from POPIHN (French), a 7.2% IPA and a 4.8% Pale Ale.

Had the ABK Hell before, otherwise happy.


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Don’t hate me because you ain’t me!


SHIG = Shit Ignorant Hated Guy :grinning:



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