Beerhive App

I was wondering if anyone had tried the BeerHive app yet. I love it’s user interface. Clean and simple, visual interface, simple tap/touch. Notes are an option. Multiple ratings are averaged out in a visual way, very community oriented. Downside: it seems to be very Belgium-centric, and there are not a lot of beers on there (@5K). I’m adding at least one a day, but barely making a dent. Even if you don’t plan on using it, you should at least check it out as an example of how a mobile app interface should work.

Just downloaded it.

Very interesting idea. The UI is nice and it is a new way of describing beer on.

Severely lacking beers in the database and it only app-driven. I prefer a way to see my ratings and such through on a real computer as well.

If they ever get a decent databse (500K+ beers), a webpage in addition to the app, some good statistics and a way to download the ratings (or analysis as they say), then they could be onto something.

Yes, I know the beer database is lacking (unless you’re from Belgium), but I love the interface. Simple, clean. They are making changes, so you might want to reach out to them via the app. I try to enter one new beer a day, so its likely the few U.S beers in there are from me…But they make the adding of beers and breweries, extremely simple too…

Just had a quick look at the app, and it looks interesting.

Though two things that immediately turn me off are that the use of the back button of the phone most of the time results in leaving the app instead of going back to the previous screen (and when you switch back it takes time to start again) and when looking at a beer the bottom banner ‘analysed by group’ is right on top of some other things (can’t tell what because there’s a banner on top…). These two things make it unusable for me, but I’ll keep a watch on the app.

Without getting too much into the details of the product, there can be hundreds of new and old platforms out there, and this is just one of them.
Sadly if we have to hope and wait for essential functionalities to be implemented, it doesn’t make it “better” than waiting for Ratebeer to implement what’s missing.

For me, I won’t even get started if I can’t use a computer.

Also, with a computer access I can develop some code to automatically upload my 24k ratings; I’m not doing that one by one on the phone, in a lifetime.
(PS, I just uploaded 90 ratings on RB with my code, while I went to talk to a colleague)

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I don’t want new apps. The UT one is great. I want the RB one to be great too. Shrugs.

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My main like about the app is the interface…period. It’s clean and simple, visual, easy to navigate. I still use Eric’s app from time to time because it had a simple interface…

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Eric’s app had offline (and thereby als temporary or partial) ratings! Best feature ever!

I was curious to see how it looked, but you cannot see anything without getting registered. That’s not very user friendly!

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Only 5,000 beers makes it an easy pass. I would have to add everything I rate.

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