Beerhunting West Czechia

Due to constructions work on the line Bamberg-Forchheim I needed to change my plans for September and just booked a long stay in Czechia.

This will be - more or less - the plan.

Mon 6th Sep: Usti Nad Labem
Tue 7th Sep: Teplice
Wed 8th Sep: Litomerice
Thu 9th Sep: Zatec (Saaz)
Fri 10th Sep: Louny
Sat 11th: lunch at Most/Usti Nad Labem before catching the train back home

I will try to add a visit to Most or Decin one day or another.

Anybody in the area that week? I already took note of all the brewpubs to visit, but open to suggestions on must see/drink or what can be avoided.


Yes please? @Cunningham

Just thought you had a lot of good suggestions :slight_smile:


Did it happen?


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Hey mate! Yes, it happened and it was amazing.

I haven’t posted any report here, but you can find something on my Instagram (you would need to open the posts to read the actual report)

Usti Nad Labem



Zatec aka Saaz

I skipped Louny. That day Zichovec was closed so I headed to Teplice again, where a Beerfest with ~10 breweries was taking place. Had a shitload of beers from different breweries (Most Pivovar, Raven, Trilobit, Kocour, etc…), enjoyed some traditional food and then came back to Usti. I also visited again Nomad in Decin, a very nice place, though the beers were not in good condition this time.


Looks and sounds like you had a good time.