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I bet this has been posted before:

The new beermail alerts suck. You can’t tell you got beermail unless you click a few times.
Example: If all you do is rate, you never know you got beermail!

Does anybody else have the same problem?

I’ll wait a month or two before somebody finally replies and says:
“hey, I didn’t see your email”

The system sends me an email if someone sends me a beermail (like when someone replies to any posts I make here). It works for me.


Yeah, same here. I get the e-mail, when someone send me a PM in new system. I have turned off e-mails from topic replies, but it is also useful feature when you don’t visit often…
You should look at: RateBeer Forums[your username here]/preferences/emails and also check if you have correct e-mail under “Account” tab.

I never get beermail. :frowning_face:

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