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It’s marketed as not being an Irish Stout.

Which doesn’t preclude it being a dry stout.

This beer is (and has always been) 8%.

I asked the brewery about when they boosted the ABV, their reply was that it has always been 8%, except previously they used a formula to calculate the ABV, but now they use a device (hydrometer?).

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From the same brewery, this beer

was renamed The Machine IPA at some point this year. ABV is 6.9% now.

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Please alias to

I confirmed with the brewery that it’s just a rebrand/relabel.

Also the beer in my previous post still needs modifying:

I find it hard to believe that this non-alcoholic “cider” is brewed in China:

Also suspect is the Ikea N/A perry:

Are these even rateable? I remember that the full-strength Ikea perry was removed:

I think based on that, these two should probably be removed too… they don’t look too natural. 7.1% fruit content in both, from what I can find on the internet:

@omhper @gnoff

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For the main part not handling admin duties any longer, so leaving this to ohmper

Ingredients list:

Eau gazéifiée, sucre

Fixed the Amundsen pastry sour and the cider alias.

Pale Ale - Australian:

Flavored - Other:

Stout - Flavored:

Porter- Flavored:

(The next three actually have the spirit added to them, it’s not just barrel aging.)

This is only one of 20 or so beers that should be Pale Ales according to the new definition:

IPA - Rye:

IPA - English:

Pale Ale - Rye (or APA as there is no mention of rye in the description?!):

Amber Ale:


Here with a have a duplicate. The colab is the original (most of the beers are retired because the brewery was erroneously retired):

Pale Ale - Flavored:

Another duplicate:


This should be called The Way is Shut:


Belgian - Golden

Saison - Flavored

Wild - Flavored

IPA - Red

Stout - Oatmeal

This is a duplicate:


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N/A perry from IKEA? That is likely pure pear juice, only without pears.
If I may have my say I’ll nuke those.

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Don’t think this has chocolate in it. Just a stout made to taste like chocolate.

Not convinced a hint of vanilla doesn’t just mean taste either.

Put this as dark sour.

I wonder how the bartender feels about this picture being on the site.

Picture says rye.

I think the new one contains coconut and the old one doesn’t? So should be separate?

Description does not indicate that?

Following up on a post I made a couple of weeks ago.

The new beer is now created
If an admin could include the quoted description above to explain what’s going on here.

Then move the ratings from the old one and alias.



Regarding the last one, the other higher ABV version of it is down as a Gruit. Of course that could be the one with the style however if they’re brewing a Magna Carta themed beer the a Gruit would make sense. Down as a Barley Wine on Untappd. is New England IPA
Just added this one and realised I’m an idiot. “Brewed at” should be Bereta Brewing Co.

Also description for

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Another metric buttload of beers that appear to be in the wrong style.

Was tempted to highlight every ESB with IPA in its name as an IPA - English but resisted.

Stout - Oatmeal:

IPA - Belgian:

Saison - Flavored:


Strong Lager:

IPA - English:

Flavored - Other:

Porter - Smoked:


Pale Ale - NZ:

Just an APA?


Sour - Flavored:

Wheat Ale - India:

IPA - Flavored:

Saison - Black:

Saison (Flavored?):

Porter - Flavored:

Stout - Flavored:

English Strong:

Duplicate - should presumably be Winters Tail. I googled the first one and it didn’t produce a result:

Fruit Ale:




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Typo in the name to correct please… cider, not cide!

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This beer ( should be aliased to the Estonian entry (

It looks like this one is retired. No trace of it on UnTappd or the internet. And it was probably entered wrong in the first place as “Pivovskoe” doesn’t actually mean anything:

Also retired: (no ratings since 2004, not on UnTappd at all and not listed on the brewery website) (no ratings here since 2015, nothing on UnTappd since 2017, also not listed on the brewery website)

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