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Wrong style and wrong name.

Soma Long Time No See (Style: Imperial Stout)


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Don’t suppose any of you raters still have the bottle to verify? Some of the results on Google suggest it’s “brewed in Belgium” (so I’m assuming it was at De Proef?) but also on the same page say “brewed in Lebanon”.

I don’t doubt the Lebanon connection given their flag is clearly on the label, just trying to figure out the specifics! Untappd has it as being brewed at/by Chirag which isn’t even in the RB database at the moment.

Some tedious cleanup for BentSpoke Malt Shovel collaborations, please.

  1. The one I just entered seems to be brewed at Malt Shovel (or really “around Australia in carbon neutral breweries under licence from Malt Shovel, part of the Lion Group”) so it should be Malt Shovel / BentSpoke BentShovel BXW under Malt Shovel, not as I added it, BentSpoke / Malt Shovel BentShovel BXW under BentSpoke.
  2. This BentSpoke Extra Belgian Ale and BentSpoke / Malt Shovel BentShovel seem to be the same (the linkchecker says I said this earlier. It did claim to be a bit farmhousey but as I said earlier, seemed more like a Belgian Ale - Dark/ Amber.
  3. The other BentShovel beer appears to be an amber ale not a dark farmhouse (although I didn’t have it).

This is a Pale Ale:

Description was never added - it is:

Amelia is dry-hopped with Mosaic exclusively. It has a mix of tropical flavours, with aromas of sweet berries and summer fruits. A firm favourite among our customers, this beer is part of our core range and won Silver in the Session IPA category at the 2021 Small & Independent Brewers Association Beer Awards in the South East.

(OK… so yeah it mentikns SIPA in the blurb but I guess that was just the awards people.)

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This one is a flavoured stout:


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Can this be retired please (they now brew a different version which is just called Cocky, branded as a Dorset IPA, which I have added):

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This one is called a New England pale by the brewery

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Trial & Ale and Omen produced a wort together (@ Omen) and then produced their own beers. This 8.6% one should be listed under Omen. Also it is Strong Dark Belgian:

I will add the other version on.

This one is Flavored:

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Copied and pasted the wrong beer name like a thick shit, can you the word ‘baby’ be removed from the name, please

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A duplicate and some complications with Yazoo / Jester King A Pale Green Horse. This is the duplicate. I put my rating under the first but maybe should have added a new entry: 1. It’s brewed at Jester King, not Yazoo; 2. It’s a “Kveik India Pale Ale with Strata, Galaxy & Sabro cryo hops” whereas the (older) Yazoo brewed version says Galaxy, Citra, Strata and Mosaic hops; & 3. The 2022 version is 7.8%.

I’ve fixed that entry and taken care of the dupe. And yes, it does sound like a slight recipe change for the current brew and should probably be added as a new beer, especially if the other brewery has brewed it this time.
But I got the impression from the full descriptions that both versions were brewed by them. If the original was indeed brewed by Yazoo I’ll need to move it back but I can’t find any evidence that it was.

Both Jester King’s posts make it sound as if they brewed it themselves.
2020: mentions Brandon Jones (Yazoo) travelling out of state to brew with them.
2022: less clear but you yourself say it’s brewed at Jester King.

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This beer is slightly suspect. By the Horns do brew a beer called The Wild Hare. However it’s 4.2% and the Wild Hare in question is a barbershop in Tooting.

This had been added as a 3.8% beer brewed for the Wild Hare Inn. I guess this person had a rebadged beer at this pub, wherever it is, and assumed that the Untappd entry for By the Horns beer was the same.

Formerly 4% too

I would guess it was brewed either by Kingstone or by Wye Valley - they appear to be providing the beer for the place anyway and both were known to make lagers - in fact Kingstone did try making a pilsner in the past.

This is a New England Pale Ale rather than a NEIPA:

(Or a Pale Ale - Flavored, as I just noticed it contains peach puree.)

Scroll down to the Mansueto section. My Italian is not good at all but looks like it should be split.

This is my 100th Stout - Imperial tick… only it’s flavored. Very.

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Please merge:


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