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That was entered by Village Brewery, updated the naming as they most likely didn’t know the naming convention for collabs. However, who should know what style they were making more than the brewery?

Changed this one to IPA because of the label stating “Traditional IPA”, but the description leads me to believe it was styled should be Pale Ale as does your rating. I highly doubt it is an IPA in the true spirit of the site, hell it might even just be a bitter :slight_smile: ABV seems to high for SIPA.

I’d be intrigued to know if it was added by the brewery or a third party on Untappd, where it’s down as an IPA.

Although am always happy with a other Red IPA tick.

To be blunt I rarely give two shits what is on Untappd other than when I am researching an area I am visiting for what could be on tap/cask currently. @lazypyro might be able to shed light on who entered it there.

Just had a look, it was indeed added by the brewery on Untappd as a standard American IPA (west coast), not a red. To be fair it does look like a red IPA as it’s rather dark but the description seems set on it being west coast. :man_shrugging:

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I’d like to do this, but before I step on anyone’s toes, is there a reason why that entire brewery is using Russian rather than Ukrainian transliteration when the brewery is in fact Ukrainian?

I admittedly wasn’t aware it was a big deal until the whole Kiev/Kyiv debate appeared in the media when the war started earlier in the year, but following on from that it seems silly of us to keep Russian versions. On Untappd, Ukrainian moderators corrected the English spellings years ago. Surely we should follow suit here on RB?

If we had West Coast IPA it could be changed to that, so maybe that’s why they determined it was a Red IPA. Again they added it, so I usually default to their perspective on their beer.

I was just wondering if that’s why they chose that since maybe they thought “IPA” on its own means the traditional English style. On Untappd the equivalent is “IPA - American” which I suppose is slightly more implicit in being “west coast”.

Honestly based on the description and appearance I’m fine with it being in either style, and since the brewery added it I too would stand by their decision in this case.

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Was a tad bored so I went through the strongest beers list (it always yields some interesting results):


This isn’t a beer:

Neither is this (although it is amusing):

This is 5% ABV, not 54%:°/961841/

This is 5%:

This pale lager is sadly not 51%, but actually 5.1%:

This is 4.6%:

I have a feeling that this APA isn’t 30%. Couldn’t find the real ABV (the brewpub’s page on facebook is mainly pictures of pints of beer and blokes with beards drinking beer pints of beer), so perhaps it should just be deleted or set at 5%.

This is 6.2% according to UnTappd:

So this beer is marketed in the UK (if not elsewhere) in a red bottle so the ‘Das Blau’ is confusing.

Added the following solely because I think an alias would be a good idea

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All the beers from this lot are brewed at Crafty Brewing Co:

This one is missing the collaborating brewery in the name:

Should be: Sunken Silo / Ashton Black Orpheus


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Despite the blurb about being exclusively brewed for English Heritage this beer:

Is just a rebadged version of this:

I note that the National Trust have not been added as a commissioner so don’t know why English Heritage are on here as one.

These two beers were brewed at Double-Barrelled. Beers brewed as part of their arrangement with D-B have Beatles inspired names:

(Will need to take a closer look at the cans in future.)

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This is a duplicate of this

Also, this is a duplicate of this

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This is Stout - Flavored:

Unity Juxt • RateBeer

The description is: Just like the juxtaposition between the hot and cold of Affogato, this coffee and ice cream inspired stout is completely vegan friendly but loses none of the rich creaminess you would expect with that unmistakeable goodness.