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I think this two are actually the same beer:

Heineken just added “dorada” in the name for marketing purposes I guess.


This cider:

Is produced here:

It seems this beer should be retired.

Baobeer Tafarit • RateBeer
Tafarit • RateBeer


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Request to change the the style beer Beermaster Peat Bog Spirit on Stout - Milk / Sweet. Proof on the website.

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I think this is the same beer:


This one had already been added here.

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This one should be Pilsener - Imperial not IIPA:

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Googled the description which is Hazy:

The pump clip describes this as an IPA so a SIPA?

This is a Pale Ale - Hazy

You are the one that entered that in the database, did someone change it? Hmmm

That one was entered by admin, I’m not changing it.

Yes - I added it and then realised I’d selected the wrong version and have had the note saved on my phone since Egham.

And another one. Whilst the Mrs took the boy to the arcades I.was aiming to get to Greenwich Brewpub and Hole in the Wall. Anyways in my haste I added this as a NEIPA when it is in fact a Hazy Pale Ale:

Just bought a bottle of this and I see that I have a new version with different hops. Could the existing version please be added to include the hops - Admiral, Cascade, Sovereign:

I have a better picture for this beer, showing the can if you would care to change the current picture:

Another picture upload request:

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Big apols but just realised that this is called Breligans. I think?

This is what you had 2nd Shift Brewligans - Double Dry-Hopped • RateBeer, but systems not letting me move ratings currently.

Do’h. I’ve moved the rate over, cheers.

Garage Project Oceans of Oneness needs a trim: there is only one Ocean of Oneness.

[Contemplating the meaning of this whilst listening to Spud Infinity, siblings.]

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