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Request to change the the style beer Heming Lager 11 nefiltrovane on “Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech”. Proof on the website.

Have spotted a duplicate on the Surrey feed.

This beer was added recently:

However it was already on here:

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Added this:

Can it please be aliased to this:

B&S seem to brewed an earlier version on their own kit with slight different name (Barrister’s Brew) and higher ABV so suggest that this is left as it is.

Posted this on the UK forum, but perhaps that was a silly idea - so banging it in here now:

Could the description of this:

please have the (Bottled) part removed? It’s also available in cans and on tap - we do have a separate (Cask) entry, and by convention that will remain separate (although I’m still not sure why, when we have a dispense option for each rate).

Should be “Sour Cherry and Rosemary” not “Sour Cherry and Raspberry”

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Can this be merged:

into this:

it’s not hugely clear from the label but the beer is definitely named Night Goat on the back of the can.

Thanks This is not made by Brew York, but contracted to Aston Manor

This is an IPA - English:

Never answered this in a different thread:
«Thatchers Green Goblin Medium Dry Cider»
Should this be named only as «Thatchers Green Goblin» or is this a new version:

Which one is this? Label says Wasosz but ABV is now 5.2 %

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Neither, those were duplicates of the old, 4.5% version of this. Which, bizarrely, claimed to be a bottom fermented beer using Safale S-04.

Repurposed the newer duplicate to be the one you’re looking for:

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