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Added this as a stout due to going with UT. It is a sour.

Is it a flavor because it has adjuncts? or could it still be a dry stout with subtle fruit from adjucts? Most of the reviews speak more of the characters as dry stout than that of a stout - flavored/pastry.

It says it’s a sour on untappd and I can’t find any other pictures, post or references to it labeling. Do you have one?

Was sat right next to the bar so didn’t taken a photo of the board. I did discuss the beer with thebguy on the bar and it is a sour. The confusion was that someone must have made a typo and added stout to the name on UT instead of sour. I then presumed tbe style was the part that was incorrect.

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Looks like someone typo’d entry because if you search it says [

Coffee & Caramelised Orange Peel Sout

Then someone must have edited Sout to be Stout instead of Sour

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We seem to in a bit of mess with the Latvian brewer Uzavas due to them down naming their export bottles in English (with no reference to the Latvian name).

I believe these two beers are the same

Also Uzavas Gaisais is now called “Light Beer” on export bottles
And Uzavas Tumsais is “Dark Beer”.

Ideally these last two need to be aliased.
[ I can upload photos of bottles with english labelling if required ]



This one is actually called Woolly Bugger

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Oops, yes, so it is ! I was concentrating on spelling the second word correctly …

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