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These two are the same;

Perhaps the main entry should now be vienna lager.

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This one isn’t a beer:

These two seems to be the same:

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Looks like a candidate for merger

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Funnily enough, yes and no - I guess both Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green are incorrect looking at their FB. They had 4 batches - the first two in 2022, with same hops, the one Per got in early 2023 with completely different hops, and then shared with us at the RBESG (batch 3) and then they released a fourth batch, again with entirely different hops in September. Split everything apart to be completely clear, not that I think the other batches will get ticks, but who knows… :smiley:

Currently Two Metre Tall Tasmanian Wild Ale is an alias of Two Metre Tall Cleansing Ale. This was correct but from 2022 isn’t any longer: they’ve gone spontaneous and solera.

I suggest the old alias is edited to read Two Metre Tall Tasmanian Wild Ale (-2021) and a new entry Two Metre Tall Tasmanian Wild Ale (2022-) is added. And I guess Cleansing Ale is retired.


Your suggestion is on point. Added.

Let’s see if it’ll be worth splitting up different releases.


Clumsy fingers are responsible for an error in the name for Whistle Punk Goat (not Goar) as is clear from the photo included in the beer entry.

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Any chance that you can confirm it was brewed at Whistle Punk from the can? This was a collab with Varietal Beer Company for their 5th Anniversary. It’s not clear where it was made.

Yeah I struggled with this one. Untappd has it being brewed by Whistle Punk, but that is hardly definitive. I read the can label and seem to remember something there that would support its being brewed by Whistle Punk. I have another can or two which I can check when I get back to Northern Virginia at the end of this month where the cans are located, but I am not sure it will be dispositive.

I’ll leave it unverified for now as can wait a bit, I did add Varietal as collab. The only place that I’ve found it being under Whistle Punk is Untapped and we all know there is never any errors over there. :roll_eyes:

Whistle Punk does seem correct to be fair.

Varietal posted this where they say “brewed in collaboration at @whistlepunkbeer in Spokane”
A bit odd considering it’s for Varietal’s own anniversary but I don’t suppose it matters.

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I hadn’t seen that one, I had went mainly on Whistle Punk page after the above picture I cut from Varietal page.

I did the same before realising how infrequently Whistle Punk posted on social media. Varietal on the other hand are far more active so I figured they’d have posted at some point.

Here’s a photo of the back of the can. Whistle Punk is the brewer.

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Thanks for the photo! I’ve verified the beer based on it and info provided by @LazyPyro

This is a Pale Ale - English:

This is a Session IPA:

This is a NZ Pale Ale:

I guess this was added years back when pretty much every UK beer was added as a Golden Ale but it is an Amber:

This is just the Keg version of Amber. They state it’s the same beer just carbonated. So should presumably be aliased to Amber, hence I added it with limited details.

Super fast admining as I only entered this a few hours ago. Although it is called Midwinter Fire. Brewery’s spelling rather than my error. Does explain why I couldn’t find it when the name was familiar.

All beers from this brewer are missing the brewery name even though they are verified.

Please add the brewery name and maybe inform the verifier of the basic rules for beer verification.

Cheers and thanks,

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Seems to have been a one-of visit by someone from the brewery. Fixed, thank you!

Please amend to APA. The label states pale ale brewed with US & NZ hops. Thanks

This is a Gose - Flavad: