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These ciders should probably be merged:
Merged with
Merged with
merged with

Celtic Marches re-badge these ciders for numerous breweries around the country such as Mad Squirrel and it irritates me no end. Grainstore state on the can that a small Herefordshire cidermaker makes these ciders for them, and the only producer in the county that does this kind of thing, with ciders in their portfolio that exactly match Grainstore’s ciders is Celtic Marches. Even one of the names is similar - Lily the Pink / Lady in Pink.

You are requesting to eliminate Rutland rates? Additionally, who is making Rutland Cider Company ( since I saw packaging of that coming out of Grainstore Brewery when I visited, but that gets you Leicestershire rates.

I’ll also throw in the labeling from my Grainstore Hornet • RateBeer as well:

The description doesn’t exactly match what is on here, made from 100% fresh pressed juices on a Herefordshire farm to our exacting recipe. :thinking:

Are you suggesting it’s not made in Herefordshire? The label clearly say it is, and there is only one producer who would do it, with the exact same range that is relabelled for other breweries. If it’s sent in a big container for them to bottle in house it surely would make no difference.

And no, I don’t buy that they have sent the producer their “exacting recipes”.

The Rutland cider company has no manufacturing address and have zero cider production photos on social media - the classic telltale sign of a re-badged cider company - just reposts of the Grainstore pub posts. The focus is entirely on watered down fruited ciders which Celtic Marches have in abundance.

In my eyes this would make any cider associated with Grainstore mergable with it’s equivalent at CM, or at the very least state it is made there.

I’m suggesting you contact Grainstore or Celtic Marches and get more proof. Which I’m sure they will probably not reply to or deny. Additionally, you could post this in the FAO UK Forum. As I don’t speak for them, but I’m not the one to merge off from description or assumptions.

I have just bought this bottle:

Is this a new version or just this:

And, what is this?

No more information than this on my label:

It seems this beer is no longer produced

Typo to correct in the name below - correct spelling is Huell not Heull!