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Lsited as regular that should be hazy ipas i mean


This alias
is redundantly pointing to the “correct” entry which already had the exact same details

It’s never been known by anything else as it was a one off collab. I think the alias can be deleted?

What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently

I added this beer when it was listed as Oktoberfest. It’s now called Life on Marzen, which someone else has since added. Could this version please be deleted. I can’t edit my rating but will just copy it to the correct beer.




Style: Sour Beers ??? What went wrong here?

https://www.ratebeer.com/beerstyles/sour-beers/119/ - seems to be not the only one in the superior category.


Random. Early work on the new style types that’s accidentally gone live?



Duplicate? If not please make clear what the difference is (in the name)


The other one is the 2017 version. Although is there actually a difference other than some tweeks, dunno?


I wouldn’t call them dupes. The original was from the 2017 series. The 2018 one is the same style and name but the changes included removing the raspberries completely, increasing the amount of hibiscus, and using an African coffee blend instead of Latin American. Yes technically one might consider these “tweaks” but personally I felt there’s enough of a difference between them to warrant separate entries.

Other than adding “(2017)” to the original’s name I’m not sure what else an admin could do with that? It’s already marked as retired.


Please delete this beer, it’s a repeat entry, with a wrong type:


This is the correct one:


A mate gave me a couple of beers from the Mauritias and I noticed that a few people had rated a local version of Guinness Extra Foreign Stout. Now I know the Nigerian and Belgian versions are treated as separate due to the recipes or whatever, but presumably the various other versions that have yet to be aliased to the original presumably should be?


(Or, to complicate matters, should the various African ones be aliased to the Nigerian version… I.e. will they be using a similar recipe?)


Err… things are complicated with that and no admin should tackle that problem alone and without discussion.

The Nigerian version uses sorghum because the law forces breweries to use it or something. The other African versions most definitely shouldn’t be aliased to it.

The Belgian recipe is a wholly different recipe iirc.


Yeah, the John Martin now called Antwerpen is a different beast.


Can an admin verify if a user writes special characters in the notes field when submitting a correction to a beer, do the characters show correctly to you?
Just asking this as I submitted a correction for a beer a few weeks ago (I think) and just noticed it isn’t fixed yet. But perhaps it’s because the correct characters didn’t show?

It’s a really minor thing I know but it bugs me knowing it’s slightly wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
Correct name should be: Track / Stu Mostów Ślęża
(it’s a different z, and there’s an accent on the second o in Mostów).


They don’t.

It literally says:
“Corrections to some accented letters if anyone cares, an o and z, name should be: Track / Stu Mostów Sleza”

The diacritics you wrote are clearly missing.

So, someone disliked the question marks that popped up and “fixed” them to show “closest-enough” Murican-friendly diacritic-free letters. @joet @services - that wasn’t a fix, that actually made thing worse as now the point of the submissions isn’t shown! Either it should have been fixed to show what the submitter wanted to show properly, or not touched at all!!! Before that, you could at least see that one of those strange, pesky letters is supposed to be there and at least google the proper name…


Ugh… great, I knew it :roll_eyes:

Well thanks for confirming that Marko. If you or anyone else could go ahead and correct the beer’s name now that the correct diacritics can be copy and pasted from my post here that would be cool.

This could do with fixing, @joet. I know it’s not normally an issue in UK and US but this must be a nightmare in mainland Europe for admins there handling corrections. And of course in rare cases like this with foreign collaborators on English beers taking on foreign names it can easily be an issue for us too. As Marko points out, because it removed the diacritics my “correction” became worse than the erroneous one already in place! Not only does it make me look like an idiot it’s bad for the integrity of the data on RB :confused:


It’s a nightmare just about everywhere outside of the English-speaking areas, and yet, native English speakers often struggle with comprehending the importance and resist it, especially if it takes effort to fix.


Rather than messing with a quick fix for this, we’re working on an overall improvement to the way edits are suggested, confirmed and saved. For missing information, we want the information to be saved and recorded for trusted users, and available for review by admins instead of making admins do the processing. The entire build will span at least two quarters.

I’ll be sure this is something that’s attended to.



But thing is, as we’ve said, that the initial “fix” has made things worse and corrections harder. There is no functional “official” way for users to report correct names properly (if they contain diacritics), and they might unintentionally mislead admins… Only through the forums really now. Makes people waste their time and the database potentially less correct, unless the admins are extremely careful.

Oh well…


That’s great to hear Joe! But I agree with Marko that the current fix made things worse. I think this could do with (another) quick fix (for real) in the mean time. It’s literally just a character encoding issue. There can’t be that much work involved surely.

Anyway, as it happens I have another correction to submit which involves diacritics because it’s for a Slovenian beer. So I will paste it here for an admin to add, it’s for: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/pelicon-yeastie-boys-i-dont-celebrate-every-day-but-when-i-do-i-drink-brut-ipa/653297/
Description is from the brewery’s website (in Slovenian obviously) so I included a sentence in English as well.


What the hell… it says that the beer name is too long and I cant finish the edit - but someone had added it like that. Are the name character limits between “add beer” and “edit beer” different? @joet